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  • PSA : there are people like me who can’t read light text on dark background

  • I think I’m doing something wrong when it comes to bird photography

  • 😫 … I have my office on the top floor … and they are cleaning/removing paint from the roof

  • Today I watched commercial TV for the first time in a very long time … I had completely forgot about ads on your TV 😖 and it’s election time so might guess how bad it is 😔😬😩

  • Sigh, the company that delivers my contact lenses have screwed up, not only for me, and I haven’t received my “refill”. So now I have only 1 pair left and I need those on Monday. So this is going to be a very long weekend. (I need lenses to my glasses to work, long story) 😖

  • I love the pure optimism in this scam email

    How do I know this email is from Blockchain? The link provided in this email starts with  https:// and contain  blockchain so you know it is from us.


  • 06:13 Time to get from the sofa and get to work (first day after vacation, I haven’t read a single work email since early July so I guess today will be “email day”)

  • Trying to remember how to use one of these … it’s been years!!

  • Suck … nu har de börjat sätta upp valskyltarna. Gör de verkligen nån skillnad?

  • Pretty proud of myself, I was told someone came from Scotland, I searched for a video, heard the person talk and said “nope … I think that it is Yorkshire”. Turns out the person was born in Lancashire.

  • Really heavy rain outside, right now. I classify the risk of wildfires as “low”

  • Yep, I did get wet 😜

  • Current status

  • Before continuing, let me assure you that I’m 100% uninterested in tinkering with cars. I have no interest whatsoever in repairing cars, or trying to make car restorations. But I do admire people who spend a lot of time learning and doing things like this, I admire people in general that becomes really good at something, for example juggling, painting, or woodworking. And even if I’m completely uninterested, myself, I can listen/watching these people for hours.

    Anyway, closely related to being interested in cars is the sub-culture “raggare”. Where I grew up, “raggare” was (is) a very popular identity to a large group of the male population. But, as I mentioned above, I’m completely uninterested in all this. However, a few years ago, I realised that there are a lot of interesting things (cars and people) to photograph when these people meet.

    Today was “Wheels Nationals Norr 2022”, a fairly large “car meet” (if that’s the correct expression in English) where people from northern Sweden, + some from Finland, met to show off their cars, drive around, drink beer, and have a good time.

    In other words, an excellent opportunity for me to walk around and take some photos. So let me show you a few photos, so you get a feeling for the event.

  • I’ve enjoyed the last 18 months (new position at work) but it sure feels good to enjoy a quiet morning on the first day of vacation. Work phone is shut off, work email is turned off.

  • Yes, I know we don’t have a jungle in Sweden but this is hard enough for me to walk through

  • And the view I have

  • Summer … 10 degrees, rain and fairly strong wind. I soooo much prefer this to the heat and sun they have in other parts of the world

  • Once in a while I get the idea that I should start a new Instagram account and see if I can get some followers. Within a week I usually see something like this “Why you can’t trust Instagram” and I go “Ohh why bother”. I skip Insta for a few weeks and then I get this idea to …

  • First thought: Boy Scouts

  • The Fluff

  • Ja det är ju inte en cykel …

  • Ojojoj, hur ska detta gå

  • Daily life viewed from above

  • It’s important to enjoy whatever snow that is left (he loves snow).