Jan Erik Moström

I’ve enjoyed the last 18 months (new position at work) but it sure feels good to enjoy a quiet morning on the first day of vacation. Work phone is shut off, work email is turned off.

Yes, I know we don’t have a jungle in Sweden but this is hard enough for me to walk through

And the view I have

Summer … 10 degrees, rain and fairly strong wind. I soooo much prefer this to the heat and sun they have in other parts of the world

Once in a while I get the idea that I should start a new Instagram account and see if I can get some followers. Within a week I usually see something like this “Why you can’t trust Instagram” and I go “Ohh why bother”. I skip Insta for a few weeks and then I get this idea to …

First thought: Boy Scouts

The Fluff

Ja det är ju inte en cykel …

Ojojoj, hur ska detta gå

Daily life viewed from above

It’s important to enjoy whatever snow that is left (he loves snow).

Thursday morning, “brain staff” haven’t all arrived to work yet

It looks like it’s going to take awhile before I can go to bed. Can’t disturb this sleeping beauty

Väntar på att bilen ska få sommardäck 😁

I needed a walk today so I persuaded a friend to come along (the persuasion consisted of holding up the collar 😋)

Once I applied for a course and since I didn’t submit my grades from primary (?) school in Swedish, English and Math I didn’t meet the prerequisites. “But my uni degree in engineering?” “No” “Tech Licentiate degree” “No” “Ph.D.?” “No, we need the grades from when you were 15!”

I’m sitting and checking if students who have applied for a course actually meet the prerequisites. My reaction to reading all the courses people have taken: I want to take that course, and that one, and that one, … (and yes, I’ve applied for a course this autumn, not CS related)