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  • I have a mailbox called “Probably crap” and it makes me happy every time I see it (I usually don’t open it … since it probably contains crap 😋).

  • Fascinating, I haven’t used Instagram in 5-6 months and my account is real small and very unimportant. But people still try to break into it 🤷🏼 I wonder why, seems like a waste of time.

  • At work today, I got asked to post a link on my social accounts. “Can’t do, I don’t use any social accounts” was my answer. This made me realize something that I hadn’t thought about before: one of the reasons for me getting off FB, Insta, X … all the posts that try to sell something.

  • Ohhh … just got a message that Google will delete a Blogger blog om mine … considering that it contains 3 test posts (I have no memory of it - last post was 19.5 years ago) I think it’s OK to delete it.

  • The top WordPress plugins are… a little sad?

    Classic Editor — I get it, but it’s just a bummer to me that we’re like half a decade into the much-improved block editor experience and it’s still not only possible to not use it but one of the most popular plugins is to not use it. I’m hoping it’s mostly just understaffed legacy sites that people want to maintain just can’t prioritize a major change.

    Nope, it’s also for people who doesn’t like the concept and think that WordPress have become a bloated mess.

  • To me this is interesting: some years back I mostly used three social media apps: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then I started to get disgusted and removed my FB account in 2018, last year I stopped posting to Twitter and deleted it earlier this year. I haven’t posted much to Instagram in several years, yesterday I deleted the app from my devices … will probably keep my account for a bit longer.

    Instead I use my own web site and mastodon. And I’m starting to look a bit closer at PixelFed.

    To be honest, I never thought that I would stop using Twitter.

  • I have to admit that I’m hoping that Instagram will start charging people to use it … that will finally make me quit Instagram 🙏🏻

  • Just testing Instagram

  • Please add some content, don't just link/repeat/retweet

    I don’t know if it’s just me or if things have started to change recently, for me it looks like more and more people spend their time just repeating information that other have created instead of adding some information of their own. I’ll explain: I subscribe to a fairly large … read more

  • Lifestreams" - ska det va' nå

    Det tycks bli allt mer populärt med olika “lifestream”-applikationer, dvs webtjänster som samlar ihop det som en person publicerar på olika sajter och presenterar det på en sida. Två exempel på sådana tjänster är (som även ger dig en OpenID identitet) och FriendFeed. Jag har lekt … read more