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  • Sigh. Another expense … not unexpected but still. My offsite Synology ran out of disk space while doing a backup of my onsite Synology. And those disks aren’t as cheap as regular disks. Ahh, well time to start looking at web sites to find new ones.

  • I have a mailbox called “Probably crap” and it makes me happy every time I see it (I usually don’t open it … since it probably contains crap 😋).

  • Microsoft Teams … what a piece of crap

  • A stupid reason!! They are changing the login process at work and give two reasons, one valid reason and one stupid (we want it to look like Microsoft’s login). They should just have omitted the second reason, it would have sounded much better.

  • I’m probably an “old man yelling at the clouds” but I’m starting to dislike web apps more and more.

  • Hmmm, I just got an email “Castro is currently transitioning to new ownership”. I’m hoping for the best

  • Some things have changed over time

  • Trying to set up a new site using WordPress and full site editing … and it’s the worst user experience I’ve had in a long time. So much bad design.

  • Honestly, I don’t even know why I try any other tool than BBEdit when it comes to doing stuff with text.

    There is one simple rule:

    if handling text:
        use BBEdit

    No exceptions allowed

  • One of my life failures is that I haven’t written an app that I would consider a “real” app. Sure, I’ve written many “tools” to do specific tasks, usually data conversion, but not one app for the general public.

  • Ohhh … just got a message that Google will delete a Blogger blog om mine … considering that it contains 3 test posts (I have no memory of it - last post was 19.5 years ago) I think it’s OK to delete it.

  • The top WordPress plugins are… a little sad?

    Classic Editor — I get it, but it’s just a bummer to me that we’re like half a decade into the much-improved block editor experience and it’s still not only possible to not use it but one of the most popular plugins is to not use it. I’m hoping it’s mostly just understaffed legacy sites that people want to maintain just can’t prioritize a major change.

    Nope, it’s also for people who doesn’t like the concept and think that WordPress have become a bloated mess.

  • Ouch that hurt 😋 Contacted support to see if something could be done about the serious lagging (seconds) in their app - the answer: too old computer 😁. Another app doesn’t enable all features because “you don’t have enough memory for the graphics card”. My wife has been saying “get a new computer” for some time now. My opinion: I don’t deserve a newer computer.

  • I think that WordPress is a really good idea and I’m drawn to it, but I really dislike the direction it has been moving in the last few years. I really want to be able to use it for web sites, but every time I start using it I stop because I can’t stand the “modern” WordPress.

  • I like the expression “web house” that @danielpunkass and @manton coined

  • New AirPods … my old ones have started to have some serious issuess (i.e. battery life) and I wanted to make sure that I could get the second generation and not one of the newer versions

  • I know how to end all conflicts in the world !!! Let everyone involved use Microsoft Teams and we will see a united front against the enemy.

  • It’s not often I’m more than happy to pay an upgrade fee, but paying for SpamSieve is something I’m very much OK with (I actually bought a second copy once just to support the developer)

  • 😂 Just checked how two of my favorite programming languages (all time) are rated. One is the most popular and the other is in the “too little use to actually be rated” category.

  • It’s kind of interesting: I have a lot of apps for writing text and I do use them, but as soon as start to write something more than a few paragraphs I go back to BBEdit. And when I do, everything feels much better.