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  • Some

    The last few weeks have been hectic, lot of things to do at work and I haven’t really been able to get out … while the sun has been up. But both yesterday and today I was able to take a decent walk - I need these kind of walks. Of course I had my camera with me but since the main reason for … read more

  • Taking photos in the dark

    One of the advantages of living where I live are the differences between seasons. In “spring-winter” the sun comes along and everything gets a bit brighter, with a bit of luck it gets bright enough to catch a few photos during the day. In spring trees, plants and flower is starting to … read more

  • Höst

    Även om jag tycker om hösten för dess färger, dvs orange, rött, gult, så tycker jag att denna bild är höst också. Det som är det sorgliga är att denna är egentligen inte en höstbild eftersom den är tagen i november. Sorgligt men sant. read more

  • Another autumn photo

    Yet another autumn photo, it’s kind of embarrassingly simple to get colorful photos right now . read more

  • Favorite part of the year

    We are getting closer to my favorite part of the year, both from a photography perspective and in general. Autumn is so nice, it’s not too warm and it’s not too cold, there are lovely colors everywhere, the sun is low in the sky and it’s just nice. From a photography perspective … read more