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  • Nice weather today, sun, snow and -22°C — -28°C, perfect winter weather. On my way to try out my first escape room event.

  • Please hurry up - 2023-11-08, day 861

    Moder Nature, could you please hurry up and start the read winter, this is just depressing.

  • Umeå - 2023-10-31, day 853

    Walking from the university to Bilbolaget to fetch my car.

  • Just playing around with B&W … just for fun

  • Cynisk

    Ibland när jag går omkring i centrala Umeå så stöter jag på hus som ser ut på detta sätt. Det är ju inte direkt någon trevlig syn och jag blir mest bara förbannad och arg. Jag inbillar mig nämligen att husen inte underhålls för att de ska bli så dåligt skick så att ”det måste rivas för det går inte … read more

  • Wednesday morning photowalk

    “Wednesday morning photowalk” or should I write “the time I had to spend in town while waiting for the car to get serviced”. The first one sounds better, so I’m going to use that one. Anyway, as I wrote yesterday, I had to wait in town for two hours and since there are … read more

  • Another morning photowalk in Umeå

    Monday again and time to spend an hour or two walking round in Umeå waiting to go home. Once again I decided to walk around among the buildings to see if I could find something interesting. There was just a few people outside at 9 and I couldn’t find much to photograph I decided to walk down … read more

  • Another black and white day

    Today is another black and white day. For various reasons I had to be in town for a couple of hours. Since I didn’t feel like checking out the shops I just walked around for 1.5 hours. So once again I took the GM5 and used the B&W scene setting and started to snap photos of various things. … read more

  • På väg till jobbet

    Bilen skulle på service kl 7 idag så det blev en promenad till jobbet idag. Tur att det inte blåste lika mycket som det gjorde igår kväll. read more