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  • On assignment - 2023-12-16, day 899

    Spent most of the day photographing two different martial arts events, this is from a competition. Biggest problem is the horrible lighting, it of course looks good for the audience, but for me it’s pretty bad.

    Two ju-jutsu practitioners sparring in a competition on a red mat, with one delivering a kick and the other recoiling. Spectators are visible in the background.

  • Some more fighting - 2023-11-05, day 858

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join in on this … I had to work

  • Try to protect yourself - 2023-11-04, day 857

    A little bit more reality

  • Let us have some fun - 2023-11-03, day 856

    Time to start this years NNL camp, let’s have some fun

  • NNL - 2023-11-02, day 855

    Soon time for NNL, i.e. the ju-jutsu camp in northern Sweden.

  • Isn't Kendo interesting?

    I think I better explain what I meant with the problem was to make the photos interesting in a previous post. I did not mean that Kendo isn’t interesting, just that for me the problem was to make my photos interesting. Let me explain, in Jutsu there is a lot of movement like when a person is … read more