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  • Silent start of 2024 - 2024-01-01, day 915

    A slow start of 2024 - I hope that this continues for the rest of the year, but I don’t have high hopes.

    A tranquil snowy landscape with fence posts casting shadows on the undisturbed snow, illuminated by soft sunlight.

  • The small house - 2023-12-31, day 914

    What can I say … a bit chilly in winter, a bit warm in summer.

  • Hidden - 2023-12-30, day 913

    Sometimes things disappear, or almost disappear, in the winter.

  • Bad design - 2023-12-29, day 912

    Here is an example of bad design: this the door of a modern car, not perfect, but it mostly works

    This is apparently how a car door should look today (but I hope it just my cars)

    This a really bad design! Why, you might ask … well low at how the door is placed beside the roof, instead of below & beside as in top picture (the best way is below the roof). Still don’t see the problem? Well, imagine that is snowing, white, fluffy, light snow … where does it end up? Yep, in the that huge “ditch” between the door and the roof.

    “Huge, it’s really small”

    Nope, it isn’t, you see they have created a “pocket” between door and the roof. I assume it is so that water can flow there.


    Snow doesn’t flow


    Since the snow is hidden in that pocket it can’t be brushed away.


    This is the result of opening the door, this is actually less than normal

    As I said, really bad design. Or perhaps a sign that the people who designed the car never used when it was snowing

  • Being late - 2023-12-28, day 911

    I didn’t get out until after 13 which meant that todays walk was a low-light walk

  • Visiting mum - 2023-12-26, day 909

    Sunset where my mother lives

  • Trying to help - 2023-12-17, day 900

    Trying to help by taking Albus for an afternoon walk. This my 900th daily photo in a row, my goal was 200 … I think I managed to complete the challenge

    A snow-covered landscape at dusk with a colorful sky featuring a prominent streak of iridescent cloud.

  • Morning walk - 2023-12-15, day 898

    12 photos from a morning walk at the university

  • On assignment - 2023-12-16, day 899

    Spent most of the day photographing two different martial arts events, this is from a competition. Biggest problem is the horrible lighting, it of course looks good for the audience, but for me it’s pretty bad.

    Two ju-jutsu practitioners sparring in a competition on a red mat, with one delivering a kick and the other recoiling. Spectators are visible in the background.

  • Privileged - 2023-12-13, day 896

    Today I was very privileged and got to do some important stuff. Taking grandchild nr 1 on a walk while grandchild nr 2 is getting a medical checkup.

  • Börjar se ut som en kakelugn - 2023-12-12, day 895

    Börjar känna ett visst hopp om att vi ska få tillbaka vårt hem …

  • It’s difficult - 2023-12-11, day 894

    Sometimes, when you’re not that old/tall, it’s difficult to observe the traffic … but it’s also difficult to get hit by a car 👍🏻

  • Frustrated - 2023-12-10, day 893

    My goal for this autumn was to start getting into better shape, with the goal of going for my next degree (I have a time limit) … what happened? Too much work, sick, too much work, sick, repeat. So frustrated.

  • Winter market - 2023-12-09, day 892

    Visited the winter market today, crowded as usual … so crowded that I didn’t buy anything

  • Going home - 2023-12-08, day 891

    Time to go home

  • “🎵Snön faller och vi med den 🎵” - 2023-12-07, day 890


  • Time to go home - 2023-12-05, day 889

    Another day is over and it’s time to go home

  • Christmas decorations at work - 2023-12-05, day 888

    The first decorations are starting to show up

  • Creek - 2023-12-04, day 887

    I suspect there is an “ice plug” somewhere downstream

  • Another novice in the dojo - 2023-12-03, day 886

    Unfortunately I think we need to have a minimum height requirement for our novices