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  • My theory is that some repair is needed

  • Yay me, exams are marked … now I can move on to check student prerequisites before moving on to staff planning for the autumn … and probably, in the near future, have a non-pleasant conversation with an employee.

  • I wouldn’t mind a week of “nothing special has happened today” at work

  • A few students working - 2023-11-06, day 859

    Some students are trying to figure out how to solve various tasks.

  • I’m too tired to go to bed … late evening work and then 9h of meeting the day after (6-7 on Zoom) does that to me.

  • Looked at my schedule for the week … and I realized that I should not go to a few meetings on Wednesday, it’s not healthy to have a 15 min break (= lunch) for the whole day.

  • Hmmm, I’m on vacation today … started the day with a job meeting and some job email. Shame on me.

  • 13h at work with just a few short breaks … I’m too old for this

  • The students have gone home, and the staff is on vacation. Everything is very quiet.

  • Handed in four cases of plagiarism to the disciplinary board. I feel sad every time I do this.

  • Just another day at work

  • Monday

    Another standard day, nothing special to report. However, since we now have sunshine in the morning, sunrise was 4:09 today, it’s pretty nice to take an early walk. I was too lazy to walk more than a couple of km today but I could see that the lonely helmet had found a few friends. And it … read more

  • Working from home

    I’ve been working from home for 9 months now and I like it. I understand that the general idea is that working from home isn’t that good, and yes, I also understand that this has been a horrible time for many. But I’m not one of them. I’m lucky in several ways, so far, everything I should have done … read more

  • Conferences and photography

    One of the benefits of going to a conference is that you get to see a new place, which of course means a chance for some photography. Here are a few photos from Aberdeen 2019 From Dagstuhl and Völklinger Hütte And finally some from Uppsala In other words I enjoy going to a conference since that … read more