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  • Life in academia

    I’m trying to understand academics, so if a journal publishes your research, you pay them $1,000. Then they make more money by selling your research, but instead of giving you back some money, you get prestige points & if you get enough prestige points, you get to keep your job? — Dr … read more

  • Det skär sig i mina öron varje gång när kollegorna säger att de ska skriva/läsa ett “papper”, jag kan inte förstå varför det är så svårt att säga “artikel”.

  • Lite pinsamt

    Vid första anblicken så skäms man ju lite granna, ska hon inte få komma på en konferens för att hon är ogift. Undrar hur stor chansen är att en kille skulle få avslag med samma motivering? read more

  • How NOT to design a journal site

    Lately I’ve been searching the web sites of various scientific journals for interesting papers … and it’s a mixed experience. Some have very good search capabilities that quickly give you the results - including title, abstract, bibliographic info (please remember to include … read more

  • Avoid being an asshole

    I’ve just been reading a research paper and I agree on much of what was being said in it. But it took me several times before I managed to read it … why? Simply because the authors style of writing made him come across as an asshole that was just complaining on others in a very … read more