One thing that might date me. The only time I have visited Stonehange, I could walk around between the stones and touch them etc. This is not possible now as I understand it.

Current score card for Agnes: 12 days - 16 mice, 1 lizard

My cats have divided the workload between them: Tove is the one who teases the neighbor cats, get into fights and pokes her nose everywhere it shouldn’t be. Agnes, with her excellent camouflage, is the hunter and bring us small “presents” quite often.

Excuse me, it’s time to go and throw out the latest “present”

Testing my new camera

Ok, ok … I admit, I’ve ordered a new camera

We have a discussion in the family which cat is the best one, the one who brings in a surprising amount of moss from the roof + pokes her nose everywhere she shouldn’t be, or the one who brings in mice, kill them and then eat them

Hmpf, just as I was shutting down the computer I got three new cases of “suspected misconduct” in my mailbox. Sigh …

Today: My first lecture in almost exactly one year … I hope I haven’t forgotten how to do it (hoping that I haven’t lost 30+ years of experience)

Those 14 min in car have never happened, it’s more like 20min. When I’ve walked this route it’s taken me about 3h (2.5-3h), apple maps say 2:39 … it’s soo boring … but that’s about my walking speed in terrain 4-5km/h. @ohBananaJoe

not really true anymore … but perhaps when my grandmother was young 😝

The fierce Swedish lion

I think I’ve been sitting too much in front of the computer. I’m currently reading a paper-book and found myself checking the upper right corner of the page to find out what the time is 🤣🤣🤣🤣

😋 I use Twitter a lot, mostly as a news service but also to follow some photographers. The last few weeks I’ve been trying to cut down what I see so I spend less time on Twitter. And apparently Twitter wants to help me! They have partly blocked me from using Twitter until I do some captcha check … this has really helped me cutting down on my Twitter-time. Let’s see how long I can last without checking Twitter (I predict maximum 1-2 weeks), day 3 and still no serious symptoms 😜

The Antikythera Cosmos

Sigh, looking longingly at my photo backpack … I really need to get out and take some photos this weekend. It’s no fun working 7-17 every day.

Yet another walk in the village

Get interested in digital photography and spend the rest of your free time worrying about disk space. Apparently an internal 512GB disk isn’t enough for OS, various software + LR previews 🤨

Nice, first afternoon nap in many, many months

Bedtime, spent most of the day in front of Zoom. Tomorrow, no zoom, Friday half day

A change in what camera I use, some stats from 2017-2021

I got this in my email:

“Imagine the Pandemic without Computer Science

Muffy Calder, Jack Parkinson and I would be delighted if you pass these on, by any means. It’s not about us but about Computer Science and telling the world about contributions that are sometimes overlooked.”

Hmmm, today I thought “I don’t want to go to work today, I just want to stay at home” … well, I’m working from home so that wouldn’t be much of change 🤦🏻‍♂️

Soon I will be able to start with my morning walks again. The sun is now up at 7:30 (2h earlier than two months ago) and I really like to walk a couple of hours before work. And yes, the sun is up 2h more in the afternoon so 4 more hours of light compared to two months ago

I’m currently listening to Pink Floyd … something I have done in 25-30 years and it’s sooooo different from what I hear being played today (and no, I’m not very much into music)

Apparently “blogger” means that you get paid for the stuff you publish. So, is there a name for people who write/publish stuff online and don’t get paid?