Good boy. I had the privilege to take this good boy out for a walk today

Is it just me or does others see this also? The most common group of photographers to really tell you what system they use are smartphone users. Then a big jump to Fuji & Leica shooters, then full frame and “medium format”, followed by APS-C and m43. Hmmm, let us add film shooters between smartphone and Fuji.

I use full frame, m43 and smartphone … and I really hope that I don’t tell people what I’ve used (unless asked). To me the final result is the important part.

For yesterdays lunch walk I decided to turn left instead of my usual right, but it looks OK over here also.

Raindrops (day 50)

I visited work for 30 minutes today and I saw these plants when I walked back and forth the parking lot. I don’t know what is but these plants look wonderful in B&W when they have raindrops on them (I have a collection of photos of them taken over serveral years).

Do I get suspicious when it’s difficult to find the cost of various subscription plans on a site? Yes, I do

Coincidence or not? Our cats started to bring in mice (and birds, lizards, etc) this spring, then it got quite warm outside for several weeks -> almost no mice, when it got cooler -> more mice. So if everything else fails we can use mice corpses to determine the temperature

The result of successfully fixing a table … the request to fix another one

I realized that I really want to photograph a conference. I miss that.

Köpte en bok från England, PostNord kollar och lägger till moms 28kr, avgift till PostNord 75kr 🤦🏻‍♂️

Jag måste komma ihåg att inte beställa något från England.