I liked when I showed off the latest electronics at home for my (grown up) son, and his first comment is “nice, did you put it on a guest network?”

It’s nice when the kids reminds you about security.

Well, -17˚ outside and it looks nice. Time to get the camera and see if I can get a photo or two of some frosty trees

I haven’t been exercising much the last 1-1.5 year … and today I feel the consequences. I can’t even handle one session in the dojo before my back starts to hurt. Well, it’s just a matter of keep going there and convince my back that “Yes, you should be able to bend … like normal backs”

At least someone find my photos useful 🙂 (yes, they permission to use it but it was the first time I’ve seen one in print)

Time to sit down and try to create course plans for teachers who should learn to program … very different group than my regular students.

Sad to see how more and more people I’ve been following on Twitter are shutting down their accounts. If this continues it will soon not be worth the effort to check Twitter.

My camera, Nikon D700, is 10 years old this year. The price of a used D700 is still about 1/8 of a new D850 … kind of impressed.