Jan Erik Moström

MBPC day 29: Stripes.

First thought: Boy Scouts

MBPC day 28: fair. I’m going with this interpretation.

MBPC day 27: Written. A handwritten sign.

MBPC day 26: schedule. Today have been a nice calm day, this was everything on the schedule today.

The Fluff

MBPC day 25: mountain. Umeå from a mountain.

MBPC day 24: intricate. Is this intricate or just messy?

MBPC day 23: plain. Nothing special, just a plain photo from central Umeå

MBPC day 22: textile.

Packing stuff: studio flash, background, stands, tripod, camera … hopefully some decent portraits will be made today

MBPC day 21: symmetry. Almost symmetry

MBPC day 20: beverage. There are trees in my tea

MBPC day 19: indulgence. I decided to indulge a bit for lunch … dinner is going to be non-existent or very late.

I’m rich again!! I sold a photo!! I wonder how I should spend the $0.01 I got

MBPC day 18: Random. A random photo from today.

MBPC day 17: Hold. These holds a lot of cable.

MBPC day 15: Time. It flows like water

MBPC day 15: Clouds.

MBPC day 14: Fence

MBPC day 13: Community. Can a parking lot be seen as a community of cars?

MBPC day 12: Tranquility. Agnes

MBPC day 11: Maroon. This isn’t maroon 😋

Ja det är ju inte en cykel …

MBPC day 10: Pot. Success isn’t a guaranteed thing😜