Sigh, I haven’t been able to take a real walk for several days now. The reason is simply that I’m trying to learn all the new stuff that comes with the new position and it takes time. A bit frustrating.

Using an electronic device for reading, advice please.

Because of my eyes I find it easiest to read on a screen. Typically I read PDFs/ebooks/etc and quite often I annotate PDFs (ie comment on student reports). I’ve been using my 11” iPad for this and the screen is nice, software alternatives are OK, etc … but it’s a bit heavy. A couple of years ago I tried a Kindle (I’ve forgotten which model) but I disliked the screen (greenish, low resolution, etc), the slow software, etc, but the weight was really nice.

Anyway, I’m considering getting some dedicated reading device but I don’t really know what alternatives I have. The obvious to me is the iPad mini but are there other devices I should look at? Note that the ability to annotate a PDF and being able to send the PDF back to the student is a really important feature.


And now from the new program

First from the regular program

So far, 6 days, the biggest problem of being “Director of studies” at work is learning all the acronyms that people mention …

I want to visit Helsinki again

A quick visit to a national park

There are still obstacles that prevents me from working

My hand is stuck in some soft, warm, cozy fur. Can’t get dressed and start working

One thing I learned today is that GoPro batteries doesn’t last long when it gets below 0 degrees C

If I have uploaded two videos (in 2+ years) to YouTube then I can put “YouTuber” on my CV? Right?

Apparently there was an earthquake here when we were down the lake earlier today. We heard some rumbling but I thought that it was someone out driving with a trailer but it seem like it was an earthquake. Obviously not a big one 😋 (they are rare events - I’ve felt 3 & heard 1)

It’s been an unusual amount of photos taken the first two days of 2021. On Friday I took a walk in the village and Mother Nature had done all the heavy lifting when it came to taking photos. Yesterday it was time to try to take some photos of Albus in the snow.

The problem with fresh snow

Do you have some examples of photo sites created with I feel like updating my site but I need some inspiration.

A bit late but I’m happy to hear that you haven’t lost your Norwegian accent @helgeg 👍🏻🙂

The disadvantage of having a photo printer is that you print a lot more … which can get expensive. But it’s so 🤩

Reklam-TV … suck

Yesterday I aimed for a walk while it was light outside, waited until after lunch … and the sun had set. I’m learning from my mistakes, I’m going out NOW … it’s 9:33 and the sun has been up for 3 minutes.

Our new neighbor seem to wash the car every day … I don’t think I’ve done it since I was a teenager 😜 Our cars are rarely washed. I like to think that I keep the paint pristine 🤣

🤣🤣 I decided to archive stuff in my calendar … and moved items for the last 10 years into an archive calendar. Some of the calendars are shared with my wife. She came in and put her iPad on my desk “You can listen to this”. She gets a notification for each of the shared items … apparently the lock screen numbering only goes to “99 more items” 😝😂😋

This afternoon we got the order, stay away from work as much as possible and work from home until June. If this actually happens it will be 15 months away from work, add vacation and it will probably be close to 17 months. If someone told me 1 year ago I would have just laughed

Wednesday morning photowalk

Different paces in life

Taking photos in the dark