Jan Erik Moström

😫 … I have my office on the top floor … and they are cleaning/removing paint from the roof

I was tempted by the Ultra, it has a few features I find useful, but I couldn’t justify it. So I went with the regular series 8 (the battery life on my series 3/4?? is getting a bit too short for my taste).

Time to for todays “photo assignment”. Wife who teaches structural mechanics to building engineers want to have illustrations for slides and web sites … so off to town and make some “illustrative photos” of building details (I have no idea what to photograph, but 🤷🏻)

If I want to mix photos with text and print of my own printer, what program should I use. I’ve tried doing it in LR but it doesn’t really work. I probably need some layout program but which one? Right now single photos with some text, later perhaps booklets (if this works out)

Today I watched commercial TV for the first time in a very long time … I had completely forgot about ads on your TV 😖 and it’s election time so might guess how bad it is 😔😬😩


Such a difference in viewing photos on Glass or Vero compared to Instagram

Been looking at Vero the last week or so, it’s interesting much better display of photos than Instagram but not as good as Glass, but Vero has other strengths. Interesting is also that several of the “well known” photographers from Instagram has started to post on Vero

Sigh, the company that delivers my contact lenses have screwed up, not only for me, and I haven’t received my “refill”. So now I have only 1 pair left and I need those on Monday. So this is going to be a very long weekend. (I need lenses to my glasses to work, long story) 😖

When you have to go, you have to go !!

I love the pure optimism in this scam email

How do I know this email is from Blockchain? The link provided in this email starts with  https:// and contain  blockchain so you know it is from us.


06:13 Time to get from the sofa and get to work (first day after vacation, I haven’t read a single work email since early July so I guess today will be “email day”)

Hmmm, TextExpander is apparently going to sunset their API and instead only going to support use via keyboard. I never became a “friend” of their keyboards, turned them off years ago. Feeling skeptical.

Intressant hur de försöker stoppa sajter med “Swish kopior”, är det inte ett problem med hela konceptet när det är så lätt att “överlista” alltihopa. Det känns ju som detta är något de borde kunna ha förutsett vid designen av hela Swish-systemet.

The problem with auto-correct isn’t so much that it “fixes” a few words here and there, it’s when it auto-correct in the wrong language.

Trying to remember how to use one of these … it’s been years!!

Suck … nu har de börjat sätta upp valskyltarna. Gör de verkligen nån skillnad?

I very much agree with what @furstenberg says about US podcasts on the Really Specific Stories by @martinfeld

Pretty proud of myself, I was told someone came from Scotland, I searched for a video, heard the person talk and said “nope … I think that it is Yorkshire”. Turns out the person was born in Lancashire.

The speed difference in importing photos on my iPad and on a iPad Air M1 is pretty significant… I’m talking about 10 times or so.

The problem with Facebook

Quite happy with two portraits I printed today. Wonderful light on one.

Hmmm, Wikipedia says Instagram was officially launched October 6, 2010. It looks like I posted my first photo there October 9, 2010 … so I guess I among the first million users or so.

Hmm, I like editing photos on my iPad (unless I have too many). My iPad is the first 11" Pro model and it works, but it takes some time to import. Today, I connected my word iPad Air M1 to a card reader and tried it with RAW files that are 90MB in size … wow, what a difference

Really heavy rain outside, right now. I classify the risk of wildfires as “low”