It’s kind of ironic, I cancelled my Flickr Pro subscription last week since I wasn’t using it. The reason I wasn’t using it was that I had lost all hope of improvements to the service.

Now, I’m optimistic. I’m sure that it will take a long time before any changes can be seen … but I’m actually considering re-subscribing and start using Flickr again.

I started to write a short comment to a post and … well, I ended up with something that can’t be considered “short” 🙄. Well, here is a few words about my thoughts on tools for content generation/publishing, and what works for me: Tools of the trade

sigh, this company use several different services for their site: medium, reddit, uservoice, etc. In other words each section of their web site uses a different user interface, it’s not possible to navigate between section directly, etc.

My reaction: forget this company and their app, find another one instead.

If you’re a developer and considers implementing markdown in your app … and add a few special “improvments” to the syntax: don’t !!!

Most of the time I’m perfectly satisfied with my MBP but once I start rendering photos, moving them around, backing them up, etc I wish I had one of those Pro Macs that haven’t been released yet

Finally I’m done with culling and editing those 2000 photos, 400+ was the end result. If I had done this for myself it would have been about 10 😏

I like my Lamy pens, it’s only the Aion that I don’t really like … I don’t like the material. But the rest, Safari, LX, AL-Star & 2000, I like.

Would be fun to try the imporium, accent, studio and the 2000 in steel & black amber.

Sigh, selecting and editing photos can be a drag sometimes … especially when it’s 2500+ and I can’t just select the 10-20 photos I like and be done with it. Nope, here I need to take other considerations … which takes time.

Today is a first, I don’t think I’ve been to a developer conference before … but since it’s hosted about 200m from my office …

Hemma igen efter ett snabbt besök i kungliga huvudstaden. Även den här gången tycker jag synd om decsom måste bo där.