The last time I’ve experienced weather this warm for so long was when I spent two weeks in Florida july/august 2010.

Those of you who keep an electronic journal, what software do you use? I’m especially interested in software that supports photos, markdown, location and weather - platforms:iOS & macOS. I’m using DayOne myself but would like to see what other programs that are available.

Next month I’m going to a conference and my main problem is what kind of photo equipment I should bring 🙄

I wonder why mirrorless photographers are so eager to say that “DSLRs are dead, mirrorless is the future”? I use both kinds and both has it uses, as well as times when they don’t really work. But OK, it probably makes people click the link (I’ve stopped since they all seem to rehash the same thing).

The main advantage of the current warm, dry weather is that I can enjoy mornings on the porch without getting dressed (normally it’s too cold, currently 20 degrees in the shade at 7am).

I realize that I owned my own domain for about 26 years (still own it but doesn’t use it). Even if the records show about 20 years … they changed the register system and my original register date was lost. And have had my own site for about 20-25 years. #feelingold

I’m all for automation but when I read about IoT I always go “but what about privacy”. I’m so surprised that podcasters, journalists, etc can get so upset about FB and and the same time think it’s OK to install all kind of “surveillance” in their homes.

Does anyone have a good example of a “photo story” which mixes text and photos? I’ve been trying to find one that I can show as an example. What I’m looking for is a typically a one page story with a single column of text and photos, text in a large font size and the photos being large and bold. Both text and photos are vital parts of the whole thing. I’ve seen these from various newspapers, for example about the downfall of Detroit or Nazis in Sweden. For some reason I haven’t been able to find these stories again, does anyone have a link? (subject doesn’t matter)

I’m amazed what GDPR has done … it’s great (yes I like it). Not only do I get these messages which makes me wonder how much they track for people outside EU, but some sites show what sites/companies that track you when you visit … and the length of those lists is pretty amazing