Sigh. Found a peaceful quite corner of the airport. Unfortunately a group of ladies from a certain country also came here … and they seem to be unable to talk to each other without shouting like they were 150 meters apart. I had to move ☹️

I thought this was an interesting idea, making a corridor into an art installation (if I understood it correctly)

It’s been a long time since I had the opportunity to freely walk around in a city. So I’ve spent my time since Friday evening walking around in Helsinki looking around and getting to know a little part of it. 50+ km but now the fun is over, time to work tomorrow.

Yeah, my mother used the same one for 20 years before swapping it for a new. Illegal to buy?????? Very strange, I mean it’s not like it’s a gun.

Quick question: does anyone know of a good way to aggregate info from Instagram and Twitter with a specific hashtag? The organizers of conference want to collect the social media entries to be displayed on one site.

I really like this little manfrotto tripod, it’s perfect for a small camera like my GX80. However this combination does not work 😂😂😂

Intressant ordval av Expressen “av en de billigare högtalarna, Audio Pro Addon T9”

och de litar priserna som

Audio Pro Addon T9 - 2490 kr Bose Soundtouch 10 - 1990 kr Harman Kardon Omni 20 - 3190 kr Marshall Acton - 1439 kr Philips Izzy BM6 - 1356 kr Samsung R3 - 2390 kr Sony SRS-X88 - 2996 kr

Så av 7 högtalarare så är T9 tredje dyrast 🤷🏻‍♂️

Another church: Varnhem, quite interesting with a lot of history. Many of the kings and “important” people I learned in school are buried here. The first church at this site was built around 800.

Checked my youtube subscriptions and … it now looks like more and more channels are using click-bait titles. Deep sigh.

Back home after my first trip in a “motor home” (if that is the correct name). An extra bonus was driving it, I like driving large vehicles like trucks etc so it was fun.

Does anyone know of a program to keep track of small video snippets (typically those small snippets that you catch with your phone etc)? I don’t want to have them in Lightroom or Photos. Any suggestions for alternatives?