I seriously doubt that this is true. I mean: I work in this building … and I’m nuts 😁

I finally got a Leica! It wasn’t as expensive that some people have said

Decided to take the car for todays lunch-“walk” (after 1.5 year walking around within a 7km radius I needed to see something else), say hello to (a part of) the neighbor village.

Question to those of you interested in photography, what blogging platform would you say is best for photos? WordPress? micro.blog? Tumblr? Something else? I want to easily add one or more photos per entry + text and it should have an iOS app for easy upload. Suggestions?

How I’ve been affected by Brexit: Buying something from GB has become expensive … so I’ve stopped buying.

Soooo disappointed, two weeks ago I did my first sport shoot in two years … and the result isn’t good. I know it’s because a combination of being out of practice, using one camera that I’ve never used for this kind of photography, a new camera that I barely used at all, and slow lenses (there was a reason why I used to have f2.8 lenses).

I didn’t think it the difference using a sports camera and general purpose cameras would be this big. Also, having used m43 system exclusively for two years makes me misjudge the depth of field for a full frame camera all the time.

Well, time to start relearning.

13:41 - This might explain why I like fast lenses (imagine how it looks like in an hour or two)