Did a photo shoot of a family today, lessons learned 1) check the background for stains etc, 2) need to improve how I light the background, 3) need a better reflector (read: a reflector) to get rid of the shadows - possible another flash on low power and a diffusor.

Finally, about 2 years after taking down my “public” photo site I finally managed to put one up again. Now time to start thinking about a my “non-instagram instagram” site.

Sigh … I made a mistake … I’ve been trying to stay away from FB, simply because of intolerant entries, hate posts etc. Today I got a message that I needed to check - and I made the mistake of looking at my timeline. I came as far as looking at the first entry … and then I quickly closed FB and backed away.

Looking for an iOS program, I think it was herre someone mentioned a program that made it possible to take live photos and put them together into a movie. Does anyone know what that program is called?

Sigh, I get these LinkedIn emails several times each week, every day??. Well, I don’t open the emails and I almost never log in to the web site. Well, I did that yesterday to respond to a contact request and today I get an email that says “It’s your first visit in awhile, we’re glad you’re back!” … well, I’m pretty sure that it will take even longer before I log in the next time 😏

Sometimes I wonder if I should set up some really stupid goal for my photography, just for fun and as a challenge. The only question is what the goal would be …