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  • Playing around with shadows

    And depth of field

    Just for fun while waiting for different stuff

  • A few photos from my walk today

  • I took a morning walk, and being slightly bored I decided to play around with one of the camera apps on my phone. Do I need to tell you that it doesn’t look like this?

  • Bye until august - 2022-07-01, day 366

    My vacation starts today and I’m not going to view this scene until some time in august.

  • 11 more photos from the dog show

  • 10 photos from todays walk

  • A few photos from this week

  • Just playing around

  • Looking down

  • A few experimental photos from today

  • Current status. Sigh, failed yet another time. Experimented a bit but I’m still failing to get a decent result. Time to read up a bit and try to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

  • Another experiment in editing, this time I tried to exaggerate the colors and texture. It could have been a pretty OK photo if the tree had been more separated from the forest in the background and the tree to the right hadn’t been in the picture. Well, I’ll learn … hopefully.

  • A little experiment in editing and color grading, I wanted to see if I could the it to look like some post-apocalyptic photo but failed. The are too many lights, the walls are too clean, etc.

  • My first attempt ever to photograph the northern lights, unfortunately it was very weak and barely visible to the naked eye. I need to see if it’s more visible tomorrow.

  • Some

    The last few weeks have been hectic, lot of things to do at work and I haven’t really been able to get out … while the sun has been up. But both yesterday and today I was able to take a decent walk - I need these kind of walks. Of course I had my camera with me but since the main reason for … read more

  • Quick lunch walk

    A quick walk through the village to stretch my legs (I do hate correcting exams) read more

  • 1:a maj

    Idag var det en “hämta mig från veckan”-dag, måndag - fredag var lite hektisk men en massa väntade och oväntade saker som skulle fixas. Det blev kort sagt lite för mycket att göra … lyckades avsluta det mest akuta idag på förmiddagen, resten får vänta till på måndag. Som en liten … read more

  • Another day

    I spent most of my day working on some “home improvements”, hopefully I’ll be able to finished that before summer starts. Time will tell. Of course I had to take a short walk to stretch my legs, and found a lonely helmet. A hungry street lamp And a dog with opinions of me read more

  • The death of a sofa

    I first noticed this sofa in July last year. I “found it” right beside the road, close to a power station, while it wasn’t in mint condition it certainly didn’t look too bad. I could easily see this in a first apartment for someone (unless a cat have peed on it). But I … read more

  • The problem with fresh snow

    It’s nice when it’s snowing, suddenly the world look like it should in the winter. Everything looks better in snow, and it’s really nice to have some snow after two months of horrible (warm and rainy) weather. The last two days it has been snowing lightly, but persistently, so we actually have some … read more