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  • I can’t help being impressed by the “new” (this camera was released in 2018) camera sensors. I was out on the ice today, sunny and … well, lack of light wasn’t a problem. I wanted to take a photo of Albus and this is what I see in the viewfinder

    No surprise, it was really bright and I took the photo towards the sun. I hoped that I would be able to create a cool silhouette photo from it … but when I came home I pressed “Auto” in Lightroom and …

    I’m amazed that the sensors are able to handle lighting conditions like this so well.

  • How different would it be - 2023-11-07, day 860

     I can’t stop wondering about how different the world would be if we notice the smells that dogs does. How would we experience the world around us? Would it be more interesting?

  • Jag antar att han är sen till något viktigt möte … entusiastisk som vanligt i alla fall.

  • Visiting Albus and Bonny

  • A quick visit to a national park

    My son and his girlfriend invited me to come along for a quick visit to my mother + an even quicker visit to one of the national parks. I, of course, said “yes”, packed my camera bag and after some struggle managed to get into the car (old man with larger than average feet and body). After a few … read more

  • Albus

    First “photo job” this year was to take some photos of Albus in the snow. read more

  • Dom växer så snabbt

    Jag tyckte att ungarna växte upp snabbt men det är ju ingenting mot hundvalpar. Första gången jag träffade Albus så var han inte så gammal och framför allt inte så stor. Sedan dess har han växt en del och enligt vad jag förstår så är han redan större än rasstandarden vad säger. Igår kväll så kom han … read more