• Current status

  • Är med hund idag, resultatet av en 4h promenad … mission accomplished

  • I can’t say that I’m very interested in hockey … but Börje Salming has died

  • Staff planning must be some kind of optimization problem with an added social component.

  • After spending a few hours photographing a martial arts competition, I deserve this dinner.

  • I downloaded my Twitter archive and I apparently tweeted my first tweet 14 july 2007

    editing a paper … then vacation

  • Got home, sat down for 30 minutes and now it’s time to leave again. I’m going to spend almost 3h as a martial arts instructor. I don’t know why, they are way better than me 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Every time LinkedIn pops up a notification and asks “Do you know X?”

    I’m all like “it’s none of your business”

  • Ohhh, I might become a student again … “evening” course. This could be fun.

  • As many others I’ve played around a bit with mastodon and I’m starting to feel that it might not be the place for me. Well, I’m going to try it out for a while longer to see if I’m wrong.

  • At least a few thought the photos I edited yesterday was interesting

  • Another cultural thing that I don’t really understand: the “I voted” stickers/pens/whatever.

  • Sigh, it’s now one of the moments I wish I had a faster desktop … where is my quantum computer??? The biggest problem with getting a highres camera is that it doesn’t come with a new faster computer. Publishing photos, fans are running at maximum 😐 and I want to go to bed.

  • Editing/culling photo 767 photos needs to shrink to substantial smaller amount … the problem is that people like to see themselves so I can’t just delete everything except the 5 star ones (which would quickly result in 5 photos 😋).

  • I just realized that I haven’t checked Slack in a very very very long time. I assume Slack isn’t my kind of place.

  • I admire the person who held my position at work before me. If I manage to get 25% as good I’m satisfied.

  • The planning for the next family feast have started. When, where, and how will we celebrate Christmas?

  • OK, I’ve decided I need to figure out how Photoshop works, I just need to find some good tutorials. I’m going to start looking at phlearn.com #mbnov

  • Every day is day closer to me having to learn some like Photoshop/Pixelmator Pro/Affinity Photo … 😬

  • I know, I know this isn’t a good way to think about things, but when you think about current state of Sweden it kind of feel good to think “at least it’s not as bad as in …”

  • Covid, having a cold and just feeling exhausted

  • Since I’m still sick this autumn photo illustrates quite well how I feel. A day in the Life. Yttersjö, Umeå, Sweden. 12:30.

  • Please tell me that I haven’t got Covid for the second time in three weeks. I’m going to hope for a common cold.

  • My weekend with Albus (dog) is over, the cats are much happier. All of us ( I, my wife and Albus) got properly exercised.

  • Haha, tittar på nåt tv-program från Sjaunja området och de kommenterar om hur fantastiskt det är … och allt jag kan tänka på är all mygg som måste finnas där😂 Jag har kanske varit för mycket i liknande områden.