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  • Collection IV

    A week or two ago I bought Sean Tucker’s Collection IV. If you don’t know who Sean Tucker is you should really go to his YouTube channel and watch a few videos. The important videos are not the “how-to” videos but the ones where he discusses various things surrounding … read more

  • I deserve this

    I deserve to sit down with this book tonight. I’ve spent the day on administrative tasks and trying to figure out how the various systems the university have should be used. Not to mention 6 Zoom meetings yesterday. So tonight I will give myself a treat and enjoy this book that I got in the mail … read more

  • Audiobooks

    Kirk McElhearn lists a number of good enhancements that audiobooks should get, although I admit that I rarely listen to non-fiction books (it could be that source code doesn’t work well as audio :) ). But I’m not sure that this is correct: Audible does have chapter breaks in its files … read more