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  • Quiet village life - 2023-09-18, day 810

    Just an ordinary day in the village

  • This view makes me happy

  • You have mail …

  • Village life - 1

  • Sunday evening walk - I'm NOT popular

    While I’m still working, many have started to enjoy summer. For example by reading a book by the lake. But my main impression from my walk yesterday evening was that I wasn’t very popular and that I should go home NOW It’s not a car I would like to own, but I do think it looks good … read more

  • Quick lunch walk

    A quick walk through the village to stretch my legs (I do hate correcting exams) read more

  • 1:a maj

    Idag var det en “hämta mig från veckan”-dag, måndag - fredag var lite hektisk men en massa väntade och oväntade saker som skulle fixas. Det blev kort sagt lite för mycket att göra … lyckades avsluta det mest akuta idag på förmiddagen, resten får vänta till på måndag. Som en liten … read more

  • Another day

    I spent most of my day working on some “home improvements”, hopefully I’ll be able to finished that before summer starts. Time will tell. Of course I had to take a short walk to stretch my legs, and found a lonely helmet. A hungry street lamp And a dog with opinions of me read more

  • The problem with fresh snow

    It’s nice when it’s snowing, suddenly the world look like it should in the winter. Everything looks better in snow, and it’s really nice to have some snow after two months of horrible (warm and rainy) weather. The last two days it has been snowing lightly, but persistently, so we actually have some … read more

  • Yet another walk in the village

    Despite a bit too much wind for my taste I decided to take a walk, just trying too prevent my body from becoming even fatter and more un-fit. So, what did I see today? The first thing I noticed that one of the neighbors is safety conscious, it’s always bad if your snow mobile breaks down far from … read more

  • Snö och sol

    Snö och sol idag, en massa folk är ute och knatar överallt read more

  • Årets första dag

    Årets första dag, åtminstone en här i byn verkar ha firat lite väl mycket i natt och är lite trött i ögat idag. Annars började året bra med solsken, ganska trevligt efter ganska många veckor med moln, regn och allmänt skitväder. Snön gör ju att det är lite ljusare ute och jag blir på allmänt bättre … read more

  • Out through the window