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  • The LUMIX G9 couldn’t handle it

    I’ve been using the LUMIX G9 for about two years now, and I’ve been very happy with it. It has worked well in various situations, and it has been a joy when I’ve been walking around in different forests. But during the last 6-7 weeks I’ve discovered one situation where it doesn’t work, and now I … read more

  • Testing my new camera

    OK, OK !! I admit, I have bought a new camera! The meaning of “new” is that it’s new to me, it’s a second hand camera that I bought from MPB (great shop if you’re looking for used gear). It’s an 8-year-old model, the LUMIX GM1, a micro four thirds camera that was … read more

  • A change in what camera I use

    Trying to avoid some household chores, I decided to take a look at what cameras I have used 2017-2021 and it’s fun to see how it has changed. Let’s start with 2017 2017 I did take less photos than usual in 2017, and half of them was taken using my D700. This is the camera I used for … read more