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  • A lot of online stuff about new generative remove in Lightroom, I’m not excited about that new feature … but the possibility of having a working sync, that’s exciting. Note: just the possibility (I don’t know yet if it’s an improvement).

  • Once again I’ve been forced to remove all photos from “Adobe cloud” to get it to properly sync between iPad, iPhone and desktop. It’s soooo bad. For example Lightroom Cloud Desktop has now been syncing an empty library for 20-30 minutes ☹️

  • Considering buying some new photo gear … a bicycle. That would extend my current “radius of photography” from 5-7 km to 25-30km (at least). Now I need to decide if it’s worth the money.

  • It’s amazing, some people always looks good in a photo … and some never does. Nothing new, but it’s so amazing to see the difference.

  • I took about 2500 photos last weekend at one event, and 5-600 today at another event. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if I had some time to edit and publish them … I still haven’t looked at the 1000-1500 photos I took in November.😔

  • Lesson learned. About a year ago, I thought that my SmugMug subscription had become too expensive so I cancelled it. Spent a lot of time trying to find a solution that would be cheaper, more sustainable (regarding my long term economy), and make my life easier. Tried a few solutions, looked at even more - but the solution I come up was quite frail and required different parts/tools. End result was that I was uploading less photos, and it felt like too much work every time I needed to share something.

    Recently, I learned a few things about what it going to happen the next 12 months and I realized that my current way of handling things wouldn’t work. It’s simply too fragmented and I spent too much time agonizing over how I should do things. And doing them also took too much time … time I rather spend on taking/editing photos and thinking about how I can improve.

    So yes, I’m back at SmugMug and I already feel more relaxed. Expensive? Yep! Worth it: Well, I feel calmer and I’ve shared more photos the last few days than the last 9 months, so yep.

  • I can’t help being impressed by the “new” (this camera was released in 2018) camera sensors. I was out on the ice today, sunny and … well, lack of light wasn’t a problem. I wanted to take a photo of Albus and this is what I see in the viewfinder

    No surprise, it was really bright and I took the photo towards the sun. I hoped that I would be able to create a cool silhouette photo from it … but when I came home I pressed “Auto” in Lightroom and …

    I’m amazed that the sensors are able to handle lighting conditions like this so well.

  • I don’t just get it … calling the Fuji X100 series small 🤔

  • I haven’t had a photo project since I broke my a-photo-a-day streak, and unfortunately I haven’t come up with a new photo project … and it makes me feel itchy. I didn’t expect to be so “dependent” on some kind of project.

  • Haven’t been photographing for 2-3 weeks now, yes - I’ve taken pictures of stuff but no photos.

  • Trying out my new wide-angle lens

  • What a chunk of glass. I bought an old secondhand wide angle zoom 14-24/2.8 (full frame), I’m going to be careful so I don’t topple over 😄

  • From today’s lunch walk

  • On July 1, 2021, I started a “200 days” project, i.e., I wanted to see if I could take a photo each day and put it online (I have many that I haven’t posted yet). Yesterday, 18 January 2024, the streak ended when I unfortunately forgot to take a photo. So the big question is, what should I do now?

    The very ironic part is that I was in two meetings yesterday talking about photography, then I edited a photo to see if different crops could improve it. So, two hours of talking about photos + editing, and I still couldn’t remember to take a photo … 🤦🏻‍♂️

    When I mentioned this online, I got several comments.

    @odd @jean @pcora @jeroensangers @maique McTwist thinks that I should carry on, saying that I’m allowed to have a free day or use the photo I was editing. @bryan suggests that I check for an automated photo from a surveillance camera (unfortunately, I don’t have one).

    @birming thinks that 2 photo meetings + editing equals one photo. @Miraz andseachanged suggests that it’s the end of a project, that I should enjoy the achievement and just relax.

    @gregmoore asks a few interesting questions that need answering:

    Now that the project has an end date, what it mean to you? I had to think about this. At the beginning, I was anxious about missing a day, a bit too much I would say. However, when I started this project I decided that I shouldn’t try to take a good photo, instead it would be enough with a photo. This has made things much easier and I stopped worrying.

    Later, it became a habit that I’ve enjoyed (almost every day) and it has made me look at the world in a slightly different way.

    It has also taught me that not every photo has to be the best photo, even a really “bad” photo can be a good photo.

    Did you learn anything from so many hundreds of successful days? Yes, photos that are important to me, are not necessarily the objectively best photos. It has made me realize that I should take more photos of my daily life and save them.

    Also, that “having” to take a photo each day has forced me to look at the world in a slightly different way. And that no matter what, there is always a photo to be taken … you just have to see it.

    Did you learn less than you thought? I have to admit that I didn’t expect much, I expected to fail before getting to 200 days, so it has been a very successful project - regardless of what I decide to do now.

    Will you restart or is another project calling to you? This is what I need to think about. As I see it I have three alternatives:

    1. Start over, ending the project and see if I can get 933 days this time. Most honest.

    2. Say that I’m allowed one free day/1000 days, post the edited photo and continue.

    3. Start a completely new project that doesn’t involve taking a daily photo.

    I need to think about this, I’ve taked photos so all three options are open to me.

    Greg ends with “You’ve reached an exciting moment”.

    Yes, I need to think about this over the weekend. which of solutions listed above should I choose … because I need some kind of project.

  • How about a selfie - 2024-01-14, day 928

    I don’t think I’ve posted a selfie before, so I assume it’s time.

    A snowy landscape with scattered trees and a person in winter clothing kneeling on the snow, taking a photograph.

  • I wonder if Adobe has decided that’s time to kill Lightroom Classic. There are several bloggers/youtubers who suddenly are saying that they are only using Lightroom “cloudy” now.

  • I’m getting more and more impressed by Ricoh GR IIIx. Today, I got the idea to try to use it for sports photography … indoors … and I’m impressed. Sure, I used a flash but still.

    The combo of a GR IIIx and FlashQ20ii is a small and very powerful combo.

  • I’ve had a number of surprises lately, most of them have been “Ohh no, even more problems/complications that needs to be solved”, but yesterday I got a nice surprise.

    The last few days I’ve seen posters all over, they announced a martial arts competition that will be held in a few weeks. The poster had a nice design and in addition to the usual info (when/where/etc) there was a nice action photo that showed what it was all about. I really liked the editing of the photo and started to wonder if I could do the same type of editing to one of my photos - I had been photographing the competition last year. So yesterday evening I opened Lightroom and started to search for a photo to try this style on … and after a minute I realized that it was I who had taken the photo on the poster 😋. Since I don’t have the poster at home I can’t be 100% sure but just 99% sure. So the answer was “Yes”, this kind of editing works on my photos 😁.

    I usually remember or recognize photos I’ve taken, but this was edited (background removed) and I probably took around 750-1500 in two hours at this event, so I think I have a good excuse for not remembering it.

    (and yes, I’ve had given them my photos to be used freely … you have to help other martial arts clubs)

  • Hmpf, I had decided that I wouldn’t but any new photo gear this year, but during the weekend I had several “interesting” experiences with the Tamron 70-200/2.8 F-mount that I use with an adapter on my Z7. Let me put is this way: angry, missed shots, and elevated blood pressure. And I have two similar events scheduled in the future … so here I sit with the cursor hovering over the “buy” button for a new lens.

  • Using this F-mount tele zoom on my Z mount camera using an adapter isn’t without problems. Lots of “lockups” (camera needs to be restarted), problems with auto focus (total lack of focus, hunting for focus, no auto focus at all), and various other things. This isn’t good when doing sport photography.

    I see a new native Z mount tele zoom in my near future.