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  • How about a selfie - 2024-01-14, day 928

    I don’t think I’ve posted a selfie before, so I assume it’s time.

    A snowy landscape with scattered trees and a person in winter clothing kneeling on the snow, taking a photograph.

  • One of these fun temperature changes, it changed from -30 to -18 in less than 3h.

  • Waiting for summer - 2023-12-27, day

    Waiting for summer when the tourists arrive

    A wooden post with a cap of snow stands in the foreground against a wintery landscape with snow-covered ground and a backdrop of trees and hills under a cloudy sky.

  • Det är lite fascinerande, den absoluta sämsta väg jag kört på i mitt liv var Strandgatan inne i stan. Och då inkluderar jag när jag har kört på skogsbilvägar där skogsmaskiner kör omkring och när jag körde terrängbilar i skogen i det militära.

  • A wild animal

  • Just playing around

  • Sketch images

    I decided to go out and try to take a few images during lunch. Instead of my usual walk I took the car and drove around a bit. I saw a few places that looks promising but it wasn’t possible for me to stay and properly explore the different places. I just took a few images to remember these … read more

  • A Sunday in March

    Not much to say about today. I took a 10km walk and going south wasn’t much of a problem. But walking north wasn’t fun, it was blowing pretty hard and it got a bit uncomfortable (I’m not very fond of strong wind). Anyway, here is how it looked like on the lake. read more

  • Photowalk ... meh

    After a workweek looking at my computer screen, I decided I needed to do something else. So, as usual, I decided to go for a “photowalk”. But instead of walking around in the village where I live, I decided to try something new. So I took the car, went to the other side of Umeå and took … read more

  • The problem with fresh snow

    It’s nice when it’s snowing, suddenly the world look like it should in the winter. Everything looks better in snow, and it’s really nice to have some snow after two months of horrible (warm and rainy) weather. The last two days it has been snowing lightly, but persistently, so we actually have some … read more

  • Vatten är hållfastare än vad man tror

    Jag blir alltid lika fascinerad när jag ser sånt här, det är lite svårt att tro att det verkligen möjligt att snö/is kan hålla ihop så här utan att ens röra vid snön nedanför. read more

  • Snö och sol

    Snö och sol idag, en massa folk är ute och knatar överallt read more

  • A quick visit to a national park

    My son and his girlfriend invited me to come along for a quick visit to my mother + an even quicker visit to one of the national parks. I, of course, said “yes”, packed my camera bag and after some struggle managed to get into the car (old man with larger than average feet and body). After a few … read more

  • Årets första dag

    Årets första dag, åtminstone en här i byn verkar ha firat lite väl mycket i natt och är lite trött i ögat idag. Annars började året bra med solsken, ganska trevligt efter ganska många veckor med moln, regn och allmänt skitväder. Snön gör ju att det är lite ljusare ute och jag blir på allmänt bättre … read more

  • Taking photos in the dark

    One of the advantages of living where I live are the differences between seasons. In “spring-winter” the sun comes along and everything gets a bit brighter, with a bit of luck it gets bright enough to catch a few photos during the day. In spring trees, plants and flower is starting to … read more

  • Winter Walk

    I took a few photos during my daily walk, I’m trying to keep in shape and also satisfy my Apple Watchs complaints of me being too inactive … in fact, today is the 700th in a row that I’ve managed to fill all three circles. Anyway, this is how it looks like around the village where … read more

  • Dagens tema

    Föga förvånande var dagens tema snö. Det hade snöat lite lagomt under kvällen/natten så det det blev en ganska lagom motionsstund med att få bort den. read more

  • Merry Christmas - God Jul