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  • Summertime

  • Sunday evening walk - I'm NOT popular

    While I’m still working, many have started to enjoy summer. For example by reading a book by the lake. But my main impression from my walk yesterday evening was that I wasn’t very popular and that I should go home NOW It’s not a car I would like to own, but I do think it looks good … read more

  • Summer is getting closer

    I’ve said it before, and I say it again: spring is the ugliest part of the year. It’s usually muddy, dirty, and mostly completely uninteresting. May has to a large degree fulfilled my expectations, the weather has been cold, rainy and pretty much unpleasant. But the last few days we have … read more

  • Taking photos in the dark

    One of the advantages of living where I live are the differences between seasons. In “spring-winter” the sun comes along and everything gets a bit brighter, with a bit of luck it gets bright enough to catch a few photos during the day. In spring trees, plants and flower is starting to … read more