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  • Nope … NOPE

  • Started the day with a 3h train ride from #Aberystwyth to Birmingham, then 8h of flying and waiting. Now 9h on the train before getting back to #Umeå. At least I get some kind of appreciation of the distance. And going by train is much more “humane” than traveling by plane

  • Tio: avoid Shiphol when traveling, silly slow passport control

  • Soon time to leave Aberystwyth

  • Aberystwyth

  • Aberystwyth

  • Yesterdays surprise, getting on the train and realizing that it’s a “diesel train”. Apparently it’s been too long since I went abroad the last time.

  • Gammal lärdom stämmer fortfarande: se till att du har stora marginaler om du ska åka med SJ

  • Helt oavsiktligt så är jag tydligen < 10km från Sweden Rock … hade jag haft kameran med mig så hade jag kunnat åka dit men nu blir det inte så.

  • Hmm, need to get on a train 4.21 tomorrow morning, then about 12h on a train, friday - some more train, saturday - no train, sunday another 12h train ride.

  • Luleå

    I maj tog jag en 2.5 dagars tripp till Luleå. Det var det första “längre” besöket till Luleå sedan jag flyttade därifrån för över 20 år sedan, mycket var sig likt men det var en del nytt också. Det jag saknar mest är att det är riktigt ljust på nätterna, Umeå är betydligt mörkare. read more

  • Just playing around

  • Ymer, Atle, Frej and Oden

  • Black and white day

    For some reason I need to post a black & white photo today. Here is one from a few years ago. read more

  • Åmsele

    Last Friday I went on a quick round trip to Åmsele, about 200 km, before lunch. Since I was a bit limited when it came to time I didn’t really get the chance to take any photos. But on the way back home I did a quick stop just south of Åmsele to take these two photos. I consider them to be … read more

  • Helsinki

    It’s now been 2.5 years since I visited Helsinki and I still frequently think about that trip. I really enjoyed my 10 days there and during the 5-6 days I was free to do whatever I liked to do, I walked about 100-120 km. So, I got a decent sampling of central Helsinki. What I really remember is the … read more

  • Conferences and photography

    One of the benefits of going to a conference is that you get to see a new place, which of course means a chance for some photography. Here are a few photos from Aberdeen 2019 From Dagstuhl and Völklinger Hütte And finally some from Uppsala In other words I enjoy going to a conference since that … read more

  • My view through the train window

  • Traveling home by night train, was expecting to be at work (very close to the train station) before 6:30. Right now I’m wondering if I will make to lunch, we are about 4.5 h after schedule right now.