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  • A goat with a view

    A panoramic view of a coastal city with a harbor, colorful buildings, and residential areas. In the foreground, a goat lies on a rocky ledge near blue beehives.

  • Things I learned on my trip to Norway, 5: If you need a camera with interchangeable lenses, consider if you really do, then consider something like m43, APS-C, instead of full-frame. The cameras might not differ much in size, but the lenses so. Once again, be nimble and comfortable.

  • Things I learned on my trip to Norway, 3: If you’re going out in the nature, you’ll probably want a zoom, a 24-70 should cover most of it, a 24-120 is even better. Longer lenses only if you doing something special.

  • Things I learned on my trip to Norway, 2: If you’re like me you probably only need a 24mm or 28mm + 40mm or 50mm fixed lenses … if you’re going to spend your time in cities, and similar places. Unless, your only reason for the trip is to take photos. Better to be nimble and miss photos.

  • Things I learned on my trip to Norway, 1: If you

    • intend to take a lot of photos
    • bring along an iPad for the editing
    • use LR Classic

    be aware that the default 20GB storage that LR Mobile can use isn’t that much. I should have temporary gotten the 1TB plan for the trip.

  • Back home from my trip to Norway, the last time I’ve spent so much time on trains was when I spent a summer inter-railing as a teenager. The last trip, Bergen -> Umeå took 30h.

  • Quick look around, last day before heading home

  • New and old

  • Nope … NOPE

  • Started the day with a 3h train ride from #Aberystwyth to Birmingham, then 8h of flying and waiting. Now 9h on the train before getting back to #Umeå. At least I get some kind of appreciation of the distance. And going by train is much more “humane” than traveling by plane

  • Tio: avoid Shiphol when traveling, silly slow passport control

  • Soon time to leave Aberystwyth

  • Aberystwyth

  • Aberystwyth

  • Yesterdays surprise, getting on the train and realizing that it’s a “diesel train”. Apparently it’s been too long since I went abroad the last time.

  • Gammal lärdom stämmer fortfarande: se till att du har stora marginaler om du ska åka med SJ

  • Helt oavsiktligt så är jag tydligen < 10km från Sweden Rock … hade jag haft kameran med mig så hade jag kunnat åka dit men nu blir det inte så.

  • Hmm, need to get on a train 4.21 tomorrow morning, then about 12h on a train, friday - some more train, saturday - no train, sunday another 12h train ride.

  • Luleå

    I maj tog jag en 2.5 dagars tripp till Luleå. Det var det första “längre” besöket till Luleå sedan jag flyttade därifrån för över 20 år sedan, mycket var sig likt men det var en del nytt också. Det jag saknar mest är att det är riktigt ljust på nätterna, Umeå är betydligt mörkare. read more

  • Just playing around