We are getting serious about the size of our saws (and no, the bandage has nothing to do with the saw)

I suppose I should photograph the cars … but I like taking photos of people

Spent 30-40 minutes photographing classic cars when they passed by my village … came home with 1100+ images 🤦🏻‍♂️ (let’s hope that 1-2 photos are OK … I have no idea of how to take photos of cars)

There is something wrong with me (this might not come as a surprise 😋): I realized that the “quick walk around the block” isn’t considered to be quick (usually 1.5-2.5h) or “around the block” (usually 8-13km), also during june “I didn’t take any photos due to work” LR says: 600

Intressant, SVT har rubriken att “Så har betygen har sjunkit i grundskolan i Sundsvall under pandemin”, sedan visar de ett diagram för åk 6 minskning från 214 -> 208, åk 7 157 -> 180, åk 8 182 -> 188, åk 9 205 -> 204. Jag tycker inte rubriken är självskriven 🤔

Things has really slowed down at work, instead of 10-20 “real” emails in the morning there are now 0-2. I’m not complaining.

First reaction to the title bar in Safari Technology Preview: strong dislike. (I also dislike the menu bar in Big Sur)

Hunting season status: 40 mice, 3 birds, 2 lizards 😼

Things changes. When I was a kid and there was thunder outside we had to unplug everything so it wouldn’t get destroyed. In my 30s we didn’t unplug the power plugs, I once forgot to unplug the modem and destroyed it. Today, we don’t do anything, I’m working and there is flashes and thunder outside.

A Russian email address, with subject line in Swedish and body content in English about a US lottery, telling me that I won $2.5 million. Seems legit.

Since I keep getting messages like this it must mean that some thinks they are for real … and I just keep wondering: who????

Slightly frustrated, I’ve suddenly been thrown into something that I have no idea of how it works. There are forms, international agreements, information that seem to be spread out all over the internal web, no history, no description of workflow … Pfjuuu