Interesting, the iOS Instagram app doesn’t accept photos sent via the share sheet anymore. “My” Insta have no access to photos or location, I’ve sent images from LR to Insta without problem before. Now I get an error message and a message about allowing access to photo library.

One huge advantage of online meetings is when someone drones on forever, you can actually get some work done. Just nod once in a while and carry on coding/writing.

One thing that have puzzled me for a couple of years is why there is a boat here, this is quite far from lakes, houses, etc. But apparently it’s being used. Some day I will discover why … #mbnov

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Current stage of life: every time I stoop down to pick something up, I think about if there is something else I also can do while I’m down there. #mbnov

Every time I look at the moon I think how near it to earth compared to the size of the universe, but on a human scale it’s really far away. #mbnov

I’m trying to concentrate on the Zoom presentation to learn something new but my mind keeps drifting to course start tomorrow, and that I should do my course homework before Wednesday. Not to mention that I really want to do other things. #mbnov

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What I find interesting is that “democracy” is so important to everyone and still money seem to be so important (most important).

In my mind money ≠ democracy.

I first thought it was a lot of work when a kid moved out of the house … turned out it was nothing compared to moving them into their own house 😥

Ha, got an invitation to photograph a sport event. The first event in almost one year (eye surgery + pandemic). Time to see if I remember how to operate my Nikon D4s … and charge the batteries.

📷 Umeå, Sweden - 2020-10-14 10:49

Instead of my usual “I’m out walking” photos, this is how it looks right now. I really need to get some work done today so despite the sun shining I’m inside typing away on the keyboard 😔’s A Day In The Life #adayinthelife

When I was younger I never understood the complaints for old people that the body starts to hurt. Now I understand, today: right shoulder, left knee and two toes on right foot. Tomorrow: 🤷🏻‍♂️

This guy managed to start the burglar alarm of my car twice so I took him out of the car. At first he was running around very excited, then he started to look at stuff, then he sat down, then he laid down and finally he wanted to get back into the car. Being a puppy is hard work

I didn’t think this would happen but I’m frustrated by not taking photos. Since March I’ve been out walking and taking photos almost every single day … but the last 10 days I’ve been helping out with a house renovation during the evenings and during the days … well, work. Add to that some lousy weather => no photos … and I’m slightly frustrated about that.

it looks like I’ve changed direction in life, apparently I’m now the delivery guy for building materials 😋

I’ve never heard the expression “hybrid worker” before … I assume it’s new and caused by the pandemic

Moving is hard work !! I’m glad that I’m not the one moving or the one to make the decisions, I just provide the muscles. Also, kicking down walls is fun 😋

Jag vandrade runt några timmar i #umeå i går kväll (fredag). Jag är inte ett dugg förvånad över att antalet #covid fall ökar … efter vad jag såg så förväntar jag mig en rejäl ökning de närmsta 10 dagarna.