Coincidence or not? Our cats started to bring in mice (and birds, lizards, etc) this spring, then it got quite warm outside for several weeks -> almost no mice, when it got cooler -> more mice. So if everything else fails we can use mice corpses to determine the temperature

The result of successfully fixing a table … the request to fix another one

I realized that I really want to photograph a conference. I miss that.

Köpte en bok från England, PostNord kollar och lägger till moms 28kr, avgift till PostNord 75kr 🤦🏻‍♂️

Jag måste komma ihåg att inte beställa något från England.

The cats have had a busy night, we woke up to two mice and one bird in the house. Wife had one mouse running over her foot and then stepped on the bird when got out of bed 😂

Today we are celebrating mouse nr 50. Our cats has so far caught, and brought 50 mice into the house. (We are not counting the bodies found in the garden, or birds, lizards, etc)

What most new cat owners doesn’t realize is that being a cat owner is a very seasonal “occupation”: you are a cat owner October - April, then May - September you still put food in the bowls, but it’s very rare that you see anyone eating … and there are no cats indoors.

I like this statue … except for the face of the dog … the face of the dog doesn’t look like any dog I’ve seen.

A walk down memory lane. This the building where I spent a large part of my military service. Now a museum, I will assume it’s because the time I spent there 😜

My ankles are quite popular with “small ones” (for the curious they were mosquitoes, “knort” or “knott”, and “brännmya”)

It’s very wrong, it shouldn’t be 26 degrees here … especially not after 18:00