First time since November last year … fortunately I’m the instructor (I don’t think I would manage to actually do something myself)

The plan was to go out and play with some long exposure stuff … but I’m too lazy to go out in the rain

I wonder what I should do today, do admin stuff, correct exams or write some code.

Yay, today was the final day of the term. Now I just need to correct some 80 exams, and finish up some other work stuff … one more month and then vacation.

So, @gregmoore, you want to do something this

2020 08 08 15 52 00 0001

from a dock like this?

2020 09 25 06 30 17 0001

The arrow points to where I was standing when I took that other photo 😋

Another morning walk, I have to admit that I love to get up and take a walk before people wake up. It’s so peaceful. This is from the village this morning. Now time for some work

Wonderful, it’s 4:52 in the morning and only the birds and the wind makes any sounds

Just for your information, the snow is all but gone, the ice is gone, there is some green on the trees. I officially declare that it’s late spring

So tired today, Agnes caught mouse nr 21 this night and they were running around in the house “playing” … which meant that they kept me awake. And later, Agnes came and wanted to cuddle … and since she was very wet it wasn’t something I wanted to experience at that time of the day