Every year an organization here in Sweden declares what is “The Christmas Present of the Year”, previously it has been things like CD player, electric bike, video camera, etc. This year it’s a “camping stove” (not sure about the translation of “stormkök”)! Another Covid sign 😋

I still wonder how the graduation will go, have I given them good enough feedback, instruction and time to train on the techniques? #mbnov

I’m a kid instructor at the local ju-jutsu club and my group have had their spring graduation ceremony postponed due to Covid. During autumn they have continued training with the goal of graduating in Dec. Yesterday the government announced new restrictions and my club is now considering a complete shutdown (previously kids < 15 years were exempt).

So to avoid a second postponed graduation they are having their graduation tests today … surprise !!! I hope they do well.

Another black and white day

And … new restrictions. Maximum number of people in the same “place”: 8

Isn’t everything a memory? Is there anything else? #mbnov

Today was far away from the lazy Sunday I had imagined, suddenly I got an “emergency” call to go and shop some roof repair stuff. #mbnov

It’s interesting how different peoples experiences are. Many years ago I and a colleague from NY was walking back to the hotel from a conference venue (not in NY). I suggested that we should take the shortcut through the park but she was very much against it, it was too spooky and dangerous. I didn’t really understand because to me a dark “forest” mean safety. We talked about it while walking back and I learned that you never, ever walk through a park late evenings or nights if you’re from New York. Who knew 🤷🏻 #mbnov


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I guess that some people like Christmas, personally I think it’s a bit early to start decorating #mbnov

IMG 9261

Time to wear these again #mbnov

I wonder why so many youtube videos saved from “live broadcasts” have 5 minute intro showing a screen that says it will start in X:XX minutes. Is there something with Youtube that prevents them from trimming the start?

What can I say about the weather today? Foggy … and that I think we should light a fire in the fireplace #mbnov

One of the elderly buildings in my village. I get a bit sad when I see one of these, so much work, so many stories and now no-one seem to take care of it. #mbnov

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Interesting, the iOS Instagram app doesn’t accept photos sent via the share sheet anymore. “My” Insta have no access to photos or location, I’ve sent images from LR to Insta without problem before. Now I get an error message and a message about allowing access to photo library.

One huge advantage of online meetings is when someone drones on forever, you can actually get some work done. Just nod once in a while and carry on coding/writing.

Imagine the force required to do this. #mbnov

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My task today: bury the fiber cable than binds my sons house to internet #mbnov

I will not comment on the state of the world except: I know of one human being who has an inflated view of himself. #mbnov

One thing that have puzzled me for a couple of years is why there is a boat here, this is quite far from lakes, houses, etc. But apparently it’s being used. Some day I will discover why … #mbnov

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Current stage of life: every time I stoop down to pick something up, I think about if there is something else I also can do while I’m down there. #mbnov

Every time I look at the moon I think how near it to earth compared to the size of the universe, but on a human scale it’s really far away. #mbnov

I was astonished by the water level in the lake today. I didn’t expect that. #mbnov

I’m trying to concentrate on the Zoom presentation to learn something new but my mind keeps drifting to course start tomorrow, and that I should do my course homework before Wednesday. Not to mention that I really want to do other things. #mbnov

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The weather was dreary today … but I needed to take a walk and since I’ve recently bought a GoPro I decided to start practicing recording and editing as an incentive to get out. Here is a 138 second summary of my 2.5h walk. #mbnov