• The speed difference in importing photos on my iPad and on a iPad Air M1 is pretty significant… I’m talking about 10 times or so.

  • The problem with Facebook

  • Quite happy with two portraits I printed today. Wonderful light on one.

  • Hmmm, Wikipedia says Instagram was officially launched October 6, 2010. It looks like I posted my first photo there October 9, 2010 … so I guess I among the first million users or so.

  • Hmm, I like editing photos on my iPad (unless I have too many). My iPad is the first 11" Pro model and it works, but it takes some time to import. Today, I connected my word iPad Air M1 to a card reader and tried it with RAW files that are 90MB in size … wow, what a difference

  • Really heavy rain outside, right now. I classify the risk of wildfires as “low”

  • Hmmm, lesson learned: new high resolution camera + newborn grandchild => free disk space shrinking fast.

  • Hmmm, I bought a Lumix G9 (second hand) about 24 months ago … and I’ve been thinking that I haven’t used it as much as the Nikons I had previously, but still 43000+ photos. Also, bought a Ricoh GR IIIx a month ago and > 800 photos. Apparently I like taking photos

  • Yep, I did get wet 😜

  • Current status

  • Before continuing, let me assure you that I’m 100% uninterested in tinkering with cars. I have no interest whatsoever in repairing cars, or trying to make car restorations. But I do admire people who spend a lot of time learning and doing things like this, I admire people in general that becomes really good at something, for example juggling, painting, or woodworking. And even if I’m completely uninterested, myself, I can listen/watching these people for hours.

    Anyway, closely related to being interested in cars is the sub-culture “raggare”. Where I grew up, “raggare” was (is) a very popular identity to a large group of the male population. But, as I mentioned above, I’m completely uninterested in all this. However, a few years ago, I realised that there are a lot of interesting things (cars and people) to photograph when these people meet.

    Today was “Wheels Nationals Norr 2022”, a fairly large “car meet” (if that’s the correct expression in English) where people from northern Sweden, + some from Finland, met to show off their cars, drive around, drink beer, and have a good time.

    In other words, an excellent opportunity for me to walk around and take some photos. So let me show you a few photos, so you get a feeling for the event.

  • I’ve enjoyed the last 18 months (new position at work) but it sure feels good to enjoy a quiet morning on the first day of vacation. Work phone is shut off, work email is turned off.

  • An idea and 365 days

    In July last year, I decided to try to do a “365 project”, i.e., take one photo every day and publish it. I’ve tried this before, but I’ve never succeeded in getting more than 150 days or so before quitting. I think the main reason was that I took it too seriously and tried too hard to make a “good” photos. This was stressful and caused me to quit the whole thing. This time I decided that it was enough to have a photo … no matter how bad it was.

    I set a goal of 200 photos, i.e., a personal high score. Well, yesterday I managed to publish my 365th photo and thus completing my 365 project. Yay !!!! You can find them here (as a blog) or here (as a photo album) if you want to see them.

    So, what was my experience of this project? I think it was rather fun, there were of course days when I really didn’t feel like taking a photo and a few days when I almost missed it. But I think it was a good experience, and I learned a few things that I haven’t thought about too much before, my favorite is that small details + the environment can make a photo more interesting. And that it’s always possible finding something to photograph.

    Will I continue? Hmmm, I don’t think I’ll continue with one photo per day. I would like the posts to be a bit more freeform, i.e., allowing more than one photo and also more text. I really like the combination of photos and text, think small stories. I’ll see what I end up doing … if I continue.

  • I read this on @ayjay’s web site

    And above all, know this: I do not evaluate people when I’m grading, I evaluate their written work. Some students have this strange notion that professors like or dislike people in proportion to their grades. There are surely professors somewhere who think that way, but I have never met any. Some of the most memorable and delightful people I have had in my classes got mediocre grades from me; and there are some people to whom I gave nothing but A’s who weren’t much fun to be around. And in any case, a semester after you’ve been in my class I’ll remember you perfectly well but I probably won’t have the first idea what grade I gave you.

    So true, especially the last sentence … although I would say “one week” in my case 😜

  • Yes, I know we don’t have a jungle in Sweden but this is hard enough for me to walk through

  • And the view I have

  • Summer … 10 degrees, rain and fairly strong wind. I soooo much prefer this to the heat and sun they have in other parts of the world

  • Once in a while I get the idea that I should start a new Instagram account and see if I can get some followers. Within a week I usually see something like this “Why you can’t trust Instagram” and I go “Ohh why bother”. I skip Insta for a few weeks and then I get this idea to …

  • 40 mm

    I’ve started to use a 40mm lens and have found that I really like it. I’ve had it laying around for quite a while but I haven’t really used it. I use it in combination with my Lumix GX80, and while the combination is a bit too big and heavy to carry around all the time, I really like the focal length.

  • MBPC day 31 endurance.

  • MBPC day 30 fish: I didn’t see any fish

  • MBPC day 29: Stripes.

  • First thought: Boy Scouts

  • MBPC day 28: fair. I’m going with this interpretation.

  • MBPC day 27: Written. A handwritten sign.