• Tittade lite på Wasaloppet och det är som vanligt, det är skittrist att titta på eliten medan amatörerna är roligare

  • De som bor i Skravelsjö har i alla fall humor

  • Undrar vilken tolkning man ska göra av denna skylt

  • A stupid reason!! They are changing the login process at work and give two reasons, one valid reason and one stupid (we want it to look like Microsoft’s login). They should just have omitted the second reason, it would have sounded much better.

  • A person’s hand holding a small figurine in front of a sign that reads “NO FOOD OR DRINK” with a graphic symbol of no beverages and no burgers allowed.

  • Happy days (not my car, not my ticket)

  • I’m too old for this !!!

  • Jag undrar om det har hänt något med de som kör lastbil (och jag tror inte detta rör sig om utländska förare). I år har jag sett tre lastbilar med släp som kört fast inne i stan, två gånger i rondell och en gång längs en väg där det inte brukar köra lastbilar med släp. Det verkar så orutinerat och jag har aldrig sett det förut. Precis som det är många nya förare.

  • I know a few people who works close to where this is. They are not happy about having to listen to hours of “music”. Note the tin can, the last time I passed here, the musician had it on his foot and was stomping out the beat of whatever he was playing. Not enjoyable!

  • I haven’t had a photo project since I broke my a-photo-a-day streak, and unfortunately I haven’t come up with a new photo project … and it makes me feel itchy. I didn’t expect to be so “dependent” on some kind of project.

  • Haven’t been photographing for 2-3 weeks now, yes - I’ve taken pictures of stuff but no photos.

  • Completely blown away

    Once again, I prove that I’m an idiot

  • I’m probably an “old man yelling at the clouds” but I’m starting to dislike web apps more and more.

  • Trying out my new wide-angle lens

  • Hmmm, I just got an email “Castro is currently transitioning to new ownership”. I’m hoping for the best

  • What a chunk of glass. I bought an old secondhand wide angle zoom 14-24/2.8 (full frame), I’m going to be careful so I don’t topple over 😄

  • From today’s lunch walk

  • The most frustrating part of learning a language so far: while understanding what is said, I don’t understand the tone/value of what is being said.

    Super frustating

  • Funny moment of the day. We spent some time at a cafe and a couple sat a table close to us. The man had propped up his phone on the table, had earbuds in and was completely focused on a football game. The woman didn’t look too happy.

    Did I take photos? Of course I did … but they stay unpublished.

  • Nice weather today, sun, snow and -22°C — -28°C, perfect winter weather. On my way to try out my first escape room event.