• Today, I completely failed with the portrait lighting and couldn’t get it to work. Driving home, I realized what the problem probably is. Need to test this weekend. Fun stuff, I should really do this more often.

  • Hmmm, the painting wasn’t as far from reality I first imagined.

  • Waiting for the library to open.

    A black-and-white photo of an indoor public space with several people. Some are walking, while others are sitting on benches along the wall or standing. The wall features abstract and figure paintings. In the background, there is a staircase.

    When I used the AI feature for the alt-text it says “several people with masks”, exactly zero people with masks in the photo.

  • I wonder what happened on Sunday, the portraits I took have a very specific look to them, a bit moody, the people I photographed looks like some portraits of criminals from 1930s … kind of. Anyway, consistent look … and a look that I really like. It could be the lighting, I changed it a bit. Happy

  • I’m once again playing portrait photographer (would actually get the chance to do this more often)

    A minimalist home studio setup with a black chair centered in front of a large white backdrop. Surrounding the chair are a softbox light on the left, a desk on the right with a computer monitor and reflector, and some scattered cables on the wooden

  • Good morning

  • Protests at work

  • If someone said to me that they quit their job for one single reason and that reason was “We have to use Microsoft Teams”, I would not ask any further questions, just nod in sympathy.

  • First reaction to the Omnivore macOS app: not good. Not full functionality from what I can see, a “View” menu that is empty, “interesting” design decisions.

  • A lot of online stuff about new generative remove in Lightroom, I’m not excited about that new feature … but the possibility of having a working sync, that’s exciting. Note: just the possibility (I don’t know yet if it’s an improvement).

  • Sigh. I was a longtime user of Pocket but went to another service. Today I downloaded Pocket again to try it out and when I was trying to log in on my old account I was met with one Captcha after the other. Never signed in, deleted to app. Not going to try Pocket for a while

  • Det märks att det var länge sedan jag cyklade regelbundet … min ända motsäger sig ytterligare cykelturer den närmsta tiden.

  • Så jävla less på AI

  • I’m happy to say: Not my car

  • Some random photos from the last week

  • Listening to presentations by people who have applied for a position at our department. This time they talk about a subject that I, at least partially, understand

  • Det pågår någon sorts cyberattack mot jobbet, jag misstänker ransomeware, och IT chefen kommenterar det med

    och styra undan de onda avsikterna

    enligt SVT. Inte riktigt hur jag skulle uttryckt det men …

  • Why do naps become so better if there is a cat napping besides you

  • I haven’t been on bike for many years, first tour on my new bike today. I want to have something soft to sit on at work tomorrow

  • Once again I’ve been forced to remove all photos from “Adobe cloud” to get it to properly sync between iPad, iPhone and desktop. It’s soooo bad. For example Lightroom Cloud Desktop has now been syncing an empty library for 20-30 minutes ☹️