Test post

Just testing integration of Flickr, Ulysses, micro.blog and Twitter… nothing to see, just move on


When you realize that you messed up something … not an catastrophe but embarrassing

Suddenly having a bad internet connection at home have taught one thing: cloud based apps have their limitations !!!!!!!! The positive side, it looks like I’m going to be able to work from home tomorrow … undisturbed !!!!

Someone stole my office chair. I suppose this is a sign that I’m done for the day

Went to my “work office” today, tomorrow I’ll be at my “home office”, on Wednesday it’s my “work office” …

Ibland undrar jag om det finns nåt samband mellan att jag får muskelkramper så lätt och att de lätt “stelnar till” och att det sedan gör ont att röra dem …

The feeling when you put on your shoes and there is a mouse (alive) in your right shoe. Thanks Agnes. (Unfortunately the mouse didn’t survive the meeting with my foot)

Nothing make you feel so old than going to a training session and train with someone 1/3 of your age. Not to mention being the instructor to those who are 1/10 of your age. I should probably visit the hospital ward where I was called “young & fit” again 😜

Todays theme: Rest. This was an easy one, current status at home (Micro.blog October photo challenge day 22 #mboct)

Todays theme: Space. The first full day in this space in 18-19 months (Micro.blog October photo challenge day 21 #mboct)

Todays theme: Sports. 🎵 I am flying 🎶 (Micro.blog October photo challenge day 20 #mboct)

Todays theme: mirror. Reflection at least (Micro.blog October photo challenge day 19 #mboct)

Todays theme: finished. Late dinner is finished (Micro.blog October photo challenge day 18 #mboct)