Reading about Meltdown & Spectre (haven’t had the time to understand the details yet) but OUCH, this is going to hurt.

To my dismay I had to get up at 4:30 today and get the early bus to work. Not my favorite thing to do. Anyway, I was able to catch a glimpse of the “super moon” while walking to the bus (handheld, Lumix GM5)

First day of the year is soon over and tomorrow is the first workday. At least I managed to clear out my backlog of photos and take some new ones.

Two things I wonder about regarding iOS: why doesn’t Mail have multi-colored flags and why isn’t there a simple way of adding a reminder from Mail?

Every time I see something Trump has written I wonder how he actually feels, it’s like 7-8 year old spoiled child that doesn’t get what he want.

It would be quite interesting to be able to look into his mind and see how it work.