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  • One of the good things about the pandemic is that it’s now pretty easy to work from home on days like today. I can do everything I need to do from home, and there is no reason to go to work since most people are on vacation. So by working from home I save communte time, and some electricity/money.

  • Commuteted to work (walked the 10m to my home office), now the rest of the day will be writing.

  • I find it easier to follow my timeline in Mastodon than in micro.blog. I think it’s due to that I’m using apps for Mastodon that syncs the timeline between devices and let me continue where I left it. The lack of this feature in micro.blog has always been an issue for me

  • Ett av livets stora mysterium är varför håret slutar att växa på huvudet och istället börjar växa i näsan.

  • 23:41 December 31, 2022 - Tove delivers the last mouse of the year 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • That was fun. We was going to visit my mother, about 60 min from home we got car problems. Now back home. Visit postponed.

  • So this is how the timeline looks in the middle of the night

  • Time for today’s health experiment: slept badly the last week because of pain in my back, now I’ve started to cough also … so much sleep will I get tonight?

  • I’ve been avoiding making comments about Twitter, but today I need to make one comment: Elon Musk - what a pathetic human being.

  • Lightroom sync—I give up

  • I’m a bit surprised that it was so easy to wean myself off Twitter

  • Also …

    Me: see how the lighting affects the portraits

    Wife: nope, no difference

    Me: but looks at the shadows…

    Wife: the same


  • I hope that I will get a full day of walking around taking photos of stuff before end of year. And I’ve somewhat unexpectedly discovered that I’m apparently a portrait photographer now. Seeing how small changes to the lighting affects the portrait is interesting

  • Today is one of the days where I don’t really can get motivated to do my work tasks, instead I want to do some “meta tasks” … however, it’s not going to happens since I need to finish my regular work tasks.

  • Soon time to play “portrait photographer” for the third Sunday in a row

  • Yay, another 10-15 cm of snow

  • Sometimes I sit and look at what people have done with their life, and I just shake my head and wonder “Why? Couldn’t your time have been spent in a better way?”

  • I assume this is a stupid question but does humans get less sensitive to pain with increased age? Specific example: I’ve noticed that I feel less and less pain when I get vaccinated or when they get some blood for tests, etc.

  • Purchased the MarsEdit update. Sigh, I have been hoping that Paypal sometimes would learn that ‘o’ isn’t the same as ‘ö’. My name isn’t ‘Moström’ not ‘Mostrom’

  • Just testing the micropost feature of MarsEdit. Looks like I need to remember ctrl-command-P for future use 😁

  • Current status

  • Är med hund idag, resultatet av en 4h promenad … mission accomplished

  • I can’t say that I’m very interested in hockey … but Börje Salming has died

  • Staff planning must be some kind of optimization problem with an added social component.

  • After spending a few hours photographing a martial arts competition, I deserve this dinner.