I don’t understand: why am I so fascinated with watching YT videos of people visiting a barbershop, getting a haircut, a shave and a massage? I mean I don’t have any hair to speak of and I’ve seen 12 year olds with a better beard that I’m able to grow.

Deep sigh, LiveText doesn’t work if you use Swedish as the system language

I really, really, really dislike all these Captcha thingies … do they really make any difference? So far, all I see is a bad user experience.

I’ve been a part of a hunting team some 20 years and it’s really interesting to look back at the photos, some of the members have died, some have quit, new members have come, small kids now have their own kids, boys in their 20’s are now 40+, etc. Life I suppose.

I’m going miss my current colleague when I start working from the office again

Good boy. I had the privilege to take this good boy out for a walk today

Is it just me or does others see this also? The most common group of photographers to really tell you what system they use are smartphone users. Then a big jump to Fuji & Leica shooters, then full frame and “medium format”, followed by APS-C and m43. Hmmm, let us add film shooters between smartphone and Fuji.

I use full frame, m43 and smartphone … and I really hope that I don’t tell people what I’ve used (unless asked). To me the final result is the important part.

For yesterdays lunch walk I decided to turn left instead of my usual right, but it looks OK over here also.

Raindrops (day 50)

I visited work for 30 minutes today and I saw these plants when I walked back and forth the parking lot. I don’t know what is but these plants look wonderful in B&W when they have raindrops on them (I have a collection of photos of them taken over serveral years).

Do I get suspicious when it’s difficult to find the cost of various subscription plans on a site? Yes, I do