Jan Erik Moström

We are getting serious about the size of our saws (and no, the bandage has nothing to do with the saw)

I suppose I should photograph the cars … but I like taking photos of people

Spent 30-40 minutes photographing classic cars when they passed by my village … came home with 1100+ images 🤦🏻‍♂️ (let’s hope that 1-2 photos are OK … I have no idea of how to take photos of cars)

I suspect that an embargo have been lifted

My opinion also: Forced Social Engagement. But it could be worse, I’ve seen those who only have support via Reddit … or, horror, IRC.

There is something wrong with me (this might not come as a surprise 😋): I realized that the “quick walk around the block” isn’t considered to be quick (usually 1.5-2.5h) or “around the block” (usually 8-13km), also during june “I didn’t take any photos due to work” LR says: 600

Sad day today - I feel old. RIP.

Oh boy

Intressant, SVT har rubriken att “Så har betygen har sjunkit i grundskolan i Sundsvall under pandemin”, sedan visar de ett diagram för åk 6 minskning från 214 -> 208, åk 7 157 -> 180, åk 8 182 -> 188, åk 9 205 -> 204. Jag tycker inte rubriken är självskriven 🤔

They are hugging each other

Things has really slowed down at work, instead of 10-20 “real” emails in the morning there are now 0-2. I’m not complaining.

First reaction to the title bar in Safari Technology Preview: strong dislike. (I also dislike the menu bar in Big Sur)

Hunting season status: 40 mice, 3 birds, 2 lizards 😼

Things changes. When I was a kid and there was thunder outside we had to unplug everything so it wouldn’t get destroyed. In my 30s we didn’t unplug the power plugs, I once forgot to unplug the modem and destroyed it. Today, we don’t do anything, I’m working and there is flashes and thunder outside.

A Russian email address, with subject line in Swedish and body content in English about a US lottery, telling me that I won $2.5 million. Seems legit.

Since I keep getting messages like this it must mean that some thinks they are for real … and I just keep wondering: who????

Behind my back

My favorit photo from today

2021 06 19 10 27 23 0001

We all know what this means

Still not calm, so here is another photo from yesterday

2021 06 16 15 03 22 0001

Edited a photo from yesterday to calm down a bit

2021 06 16 15 24 37 0001

Slightly frustrated, I’ve suddenly been thrown into something that I have no idea of how it works. There are forms, international agreements, information that seem to be spread out all over the internal web, no history, no description of workflow … Pfjuuu

First time since November last year … fortunately I’m the instructor (I don’t think I would manage to actually do something myself)

The plan was to go out and play with some long exposure stuff … but I’m too lazy to go out in the rain

Hmm, it looks like I’ve been in Providence/Rhode Island twice @mbkriegh, but not in the last 10 years or so.

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I declare it to be summer now

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