And there came the order to work from home as much as possible

And there came the order that we should move our courses online

The event where I was supposed to be a photographer has been cancelled. Just waiting for the next event to be cancelled also. So, it looks like it’s going to be woodland photography instead

Tips: om du tänker sälja något på Blocket, ge intresserade köpare ett sätt att kontakta dig utan att behöva skapa ett Schibsted-konto.

Jag var beredd att lägga upp ett antal tusenlappar men …

I’ve lost (being the last of everyone) of all board/card games I’ve played the last 12 months. I’m number one at losing 🤩🤩🤩 🎂 🎊 🎈 🎉

I had a conversation with my camera today and told it that if it continued use the back wheel as some kind of random generator for all kind of settings we need to part ways. (Example, if I turn it left to get negative exposure compensation it will do that 50% of the time, 30% it will do nothing and 20% positive compensation … and this wheel controls many settings)

Using a cat picture for illustrating “rest” seem to be quite common, can’t understand why 😁

I used to need glasses to see anything further away than 5-10 cm … now I need glasses to see anything closer than 1.5 away 🤷🏻‍♂️

It has been an interesting day. I got to try my new contact lenses for the first time since my eye surgery. I have excellent vision on 25+m but see nothing within 1.5m. I also measured, cut and put up a wall today. Now I’m scared of actually seeing how the wall looks like 😝

“Celebrating” three weeks without a work computer today … While I’m grateful for some of the iPad software I do miss some essential macOS programs.

I want to stay home tomorrow and feel sorry for myself (man cold)

I love the sound of ravens. Probably the most beautiful bird sound in the world

I-lands problem: de har slutat tillverka min favorittandkräm 😔

Public service message: if you run an external BT keyboard on iOS and use several languages there is an option to turn off key automatic keyboard layout switching when changing language.

I tried to cut open a microSD-package on Saturday but somehow it flipped open and the card flipped away. Spent parts of Saturday trying to find it but failed. Found it on Sunday

This gets better and better, first - eye issues are making it difficult to read, secondly - I manage to destroy my laptop, third - my fallback,using iPad for work, kind of failed because the keyboard crapped out on me. Universe is probably trying to tell me something

I have always thought that I was running a pretty stock MBP, well, after trying to use my old “photo mini” at home to do some work I can with certainty say that NO I wasn’t running a stock MBP, it was customized. Trying to work on the mini is like running an obstacle course

Sigh, my laptop is dead … so no computer at work, courses start today … this will be interesting. Trying out the iPad-only lifestyle 🤓

Due to an unfortunate event involving a mug of hot water and a laptop I think I need to spend the weekend setting up my iPad and Mac mini at home to be working tools 🙄

Sigh, I’ve been teaching this course for many year, for the last 6-7-8 years I have been saying that we are doing a dis-service to the students for offer it. I’ve said that we need to replace it with two other courses. Has something happened? Nope, not a single thing. I’ve decided that this is the last time I accept teaching this course.

Time to relearn functional programming again (I use it for 8 weeks ever third year or so)

I have always thought that WordPress was slow and a bit bloated … but writing with the block editor tops it all. It’s a pain.

This is sooooo wrong!!! It’s January, it should be snowing, not raining