A memory from the ice age. This is at the top of the “mountain” behind our house

Today is the last workday before vacation, realistically I’ll be working over the weekend plus a couple days in the beginning of my vacation 😖

Beviset på att jag är gammal: jag står inte ut med hur folk använder “dem”. Det skär sig i min hjärna när jag läser text som t.ex. “hjälpte inte så mycket till dem större och mer komplicerade”

Nope, I’m not, I repeat NOT, going to start collecting Apple stuff … looking at my Globe, my Cube, my Power Mac G5 towers, my Newton, my QuickTake camera, …

I have no idea what to do with this, probably just put it on a shelf to celebrate one of the coolest looking Macs that have been made.

And it was free 😎

Got invited to an island today (and it’s my father in law, 87, who is practicing knife throwing)

A question for you macOS/iOS programmers. After all the positive comments about SwiftUI etc I think it’s time for me to take a look at it. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good tutorial? I have previous programming experience Python, Java, C, Haskell, ML, etc with very very limited objective-c experience many years ago.

Sometimes I’m quite fascinated with myself, I’ve been a Mac user for 30+ years, I’m a programmer, I’ve taken one iOS dev course offered by Apple … and yet, I haven’t written one “real” app for the Mac. So, with all Mac devs being excited over SwiftUI, I wonder if’s time to learn Swift and write one app 🤔

Spent a part of the day watching Toughest (an obstacle course race). I’m not very interested in the elite, they are pretty boring, but the amateurs that does it for fun … a completely different thing

Lunch break - walked down to the lake during lunch (Volgsjön, Vilhelmina).

Why I like living where I live, it’s 23:00 and it’s time to sleep … but it’s only slightly darker than in the middle of the day in the winter

Soooo …. now I need to get some money for buying a new Mac Pro and a new screen. Does anyone want to buy some crappy photos for $10000

Well, that might explain why I’m a bit tired now and then … apparently I’ve been scheduled up to 160% teaching this spring. One week to go.