Lunch break - walked down to the lake during lunch (Volgsjön, Vilhelmina).

Why I like living where I live, it’s 23:00 and it’s time to sleep … but it’s only slightly darker than in the middle of the day in the winter

Soooo …. now I need to get some money for buying a new Mac Pro and a new screen. Does anyone want to buy some crappy photos for $10000

Well, that might explain why I’m a bit tired now and then … apparently I’ve been scheduled up to 160% teaching this spring. One week to go.

The abandoned building - I’m a bit fascinated with this abandoned house. It sits alone in the forest and is in a pretty bad condition, but judging from the electric lighting it can’t have abandoned for that long. This was the first time I noticed the painting.

A fresh start! I’ve deleted the content of my two account (one intentionally, one by accident 🤦🏻‍♂️) and moved the content to a blot account. Now I can use these two for what I really intended at the beginning.