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  • Out the kitchen window - 2023-12-02, day 885

    Sick today, so I’m staying indoors

  • Too much snow for the bike - 2023-12-01, day 884

    It’s not a bike path that is plowed during winter so …

  • Too tired - 2023-11-30, day 883

    Yep, I was too tired today

  • Some snow - 2023-11-29, day 882

    There has been some snow during the night

  • Winter mushrooms - 2023-11-28, day 881

    The winter mushroom are growing

  • Time to go home - 2023-11-27, day 880

    After a busy day, it’s time to go home

  • Bjännsjön - 2023-11-26, day 879

    It’s not yet safe to walk on the ice

  • Difficult to capture the mood - 2023-11-25, day 878

    I like the mood when it looks like this, but unfortunately I find it really difficult to capture the mood in a photo. This looks so very boring.

  • Difficult to see - 2023-11-24, day 877

    Sometimes the signs are difficult to read

  • Meetings - 2023-11-23, day 876

    Today was supposed be a non-stop meeting day, but I got lucky and 50% of the meetings were removed from my schedule

  • It’s winter - 2023-11-22, day 875

    The weather report says that there should snow more than usual this afternoon/night … let’s hope so.

  • Hiding - 2023-11-21, day 874

    Hiding in the library so I can get work done (don’t tell anyone where I am)

  • Desperate - 2023-11-20, day 873

    Desperate photo before going to bed. So many things happened today so forgot to take a photo.

  • Dinner - 2023-11-19, day 872

    Sunday … this meant preparation for tomorrows lecture, an instruction session at the club, and some portrait photography.

  • Good morning - 2023-11-18, day 871

    Today, I went out to take a photo of a tree and this was my view while waiting for the sun to start shining on it.

  • Ljusfestival - 2023-11-17, day 870

    After work I went down to city to check out this years “light festival” and …

  • Pick one - 2023-11-16, day 869

    My mouse at work have started to malfunction so I asked the support guys “would it be possible to get a new mouse” and got the answer “pick one”. So now I’m test driving them.

  • The staircase - 2023-11-15, day 868

    You should never feel too safe.

  • Work details - 2023-11-14, day 867

    Some details from work … and yes, I didn’t have my glasses on so I didn’t see that the power outlets was out of focus.

  • Details - 2023-11-13, day 866

    Just a detail of my home.