Bad design - 2023-12-29, day 912

Here is an example of bad design: this the door of a modern car, not perfect, but it mostly works

This is apparently how a car door should look today (but I hope it just my cars)

This a really bad design! Why, you might ask … well low at how the door is placed beside the roof, instead of below & beside as in top picture (the best way is below the roof). Still don’t see the problem? Well, imagine that is snowing, white, fluffy, light snow … where does it end up? Yep, in the that huge “ditch” between the door and the roof.

“Huge, it’s really small”

Nope, it isn’t, you see they have created a “pocket” between door and the roof. I assume it is so that water can flow there.


Snow doesn’t flow


Since the snow is hidden in that pocket it can’t be brushed away.


This is the result of opening the door, this is actually less than normal

As I said, really bad design. Or perhaps a sign that the people who designed the car never used when it was snowing