It’s never a good idea to let an aging, untrained body for 80 minutes of martial arts training, directly followed of 3 hours of sitting in the recliner writing/reading. Getting up == Ouch

Sigh, I don’t know if it’s me or if the number of ads on instagram has increased. Anyway, there are too many.

Is it OK if I never, ever, never check a thesis again … or any kind of report … or correct an exam. When I signed up for this I thought I would get to write programs and learn more about software

It’s funny, I was traveling this weekend and wanted to download the FB app to upload a few photos but I couldn’t download it over 3G because of its size. Apparently it’s almost 1/4 of GB!!! And then I need to download messenger another 150MB to be able to chat. Seems crazy to me.

Just browsed the newspapers using a browser without an ad-blocker and … I was horrified. I can’t even understand how people manage to actually read something. Ads … OK, but not this invasive!!

Vi kör för tredje gången förbi ett lastbil med tåghjul … och jag undrar lite för mig själv: borde de inte skicka sånt på järnvägen

Spent the last five hours photographing ju-jutsu. Time get some dinner and then go out and take more photos of Uppsala

Sigh, correcting exams and I just get depressed … I can only interpret the results as me being a really, really bad teacher.

Hmmm, a brand new, unopened MBP 13” on my desk when I arrived to work. I suppose it’s not mine since I got a 15” two months ago … but nice anyway.

I’m continuing to try to “get” Indieweb. I like the basic idea but it’s a bit difficult to find a “high-level overview model” on which I can organise the various pieces of information I find. But hopefully I’ll “get it” so I can start experimenting.

Apparently BASIC is 53 years old & you’re supposed to retweet that if BASIC was the first programming you used. Well, I can’t do that … assembler.

Reading up on indie web, always fascinated that photos often seem to come as an afterthought. For me the photos are important but it’s difficult to find software with good support for photos.

I get slightly depressed when I see students write stuff like (A = X) ^ (B = X) ^ (A ≠ B) … (in relational algebra/calculus or SQL)