In 2013 I was ashamed of the photos I took in 2012 and I was much better in 2013, in 2014 I thought that the photos from 2013 was horrible. In 2015 ?? Yep, ashamed of those from 2014 but also that I finally had managed to “get in”. In 2016 I almost cried when I looked at those from 2015 … they were so bad. Now I think that those took in early 2017 aren’t that good.

It might sound horrible but I’m glad that it’s this way - I’m still learning and getting better. When I think that the photos I took two year ago are pretty OK I’ve probably “lost it”.

Sigh, it that time of the year now … the time when I think “Why am I doing this? Why am I not writing code instead?”

OK, could someone explain why people, in certain countries, making announcements about something have to be surrounded by other people just standing there watching? For example during the hurricanes one person talks and makes some announcement and 10-20 people just stand there in the background, why? To me it just seem silly.

I really don’t understand this note a lot of people include when sending email from their mobile device

Please excuse my brevity

Trust me, this is a good thing … please keep doing this when using your regular email client

Lite sött är det när de måste göra reklam för att det är OK med reklam

IMG 3300

Tydligen börjar det att kännas nu … kanske dags att fundera på hur reklamen görs, vad den kostar för den som ser den, spårning, etc.

Undrar om “tiggeriförbud” även inkluderar diverse organisationer som går runt med insamlingsbössa och vill ha pengar.

Sigh, I did it again, I logged onto Facebook and scrolled around for 5-10 minutes and … remembered why I decided to use Facebook as little as possible. I hope it takes longer for me to forget this time.

Three courses launched today: Programming in C, Operating Systems and Programming for teachers. I think I’m done for today.

Man vet hur dagen kommer att bli när man kastar en äppelskrutt i papperskorgen och den svarar med att spy upp en massa teblad.

Yay, I decided to use the university teaching platform instead of my own scripts, so far I’ve spent about equal parts creating content, trying to work around bugs and bug reporting.