I’m probably strange, all these new Machine Learning, speech interfaces, IoT … everything very exciting to the tech part of me but in the back of my mind there is this voice “What about privacy?”, “Who gets the info about your life?”, etc.

😂 Just had a few students coming by to fetch their exams and sign that they had received it. One of my fountain pens happened to be on the table beside the paper, so they picked it up, opened it and … “What is this?????”, “Can you write with one of those????”

In the end I had to exchange it for a ballpoint 😋

Soon time for the first group of the day (approx 15 kids aged 5-6). Later a second group (approx 15-20 aged 8-10). Then home, dinner and preparation for work tomorrow.

Does anyone have some advice on how to manage, read “store”, sound and video snippets so they are easy to find later on. I want to be able to store data on external disk.

Continuing to prune my accounts, today two twitter accounts (work & photos) and two instagram accounts (private and experimental). So far I really like GDPR since I’m reminded to think about what I really want to use.

Yep, although I usually pay using some card, I want cash - www.bbc.com/capital/s…

Already I’m considered to be strange because I don’t use Swish. It’s not something I don’t want to use because it’s phone number based - ie, if you pay a company or someone else they get your cell phone number.

I read the post by @brentsimmons and started to think that I should perhaps learn to write macOS programs. I mean I’ve been a Mac user since -86 or so, and I like to classify myself as a programmer although I haven’t written a decent program in years, but I have never written a Mac app!! I wonder how difficult it would be (I’ve promised myself to do some actual coding in May/June).

We went to buy a new window pane for our greenhouse, while waiting I looked around and found this old scale … which reminded me about when I was a kid and there were scales like this in the shop where my parents worked.

A few minutes ago at work. First some traditional celebration of winter ending and spring coming (it’s really on monday evening but that’s a “red day” so there is no-one at the university)

2018 04 27 11 12 58 0002

2018 04 27 11 14 44 0003

2018 04 27 11 17 33 0012

And at the same time in the building where I work: a robot competition

2018 04 27 11 24 29 0019

For those who use an iPhone, do you see an increase in battery life after updating to 11.3.1 (from 11.3). On my 6s plus the increase seem to be rather substantial.

I’m really starting to enjoy GDPR!!! My inbox is receiving several ”please accept our new terms” each day, sometimes for accounts I’ve forgotten about. Anyway, today’s score so far (it’s 07:09) 1 account OKed, 2 deleted. The rest I’m thinking about.

I need to see what happens if I try to include an image from Flickr here (yes, after hearing the SmugMug news I’m once again interested in Flickr).

Playing with Hipstamatic