Achievement unlocked: de första av årets studenter har anlänt och såg ut att hålla på med nåt uppdrag. En kommer rusande och frågar “är du pensionär?” 😎

“Mean iPhone 18 still bring in the school Cecelia Thore could bring it was good” - Siri trying to interpret Swedish when set to English 😋

Apparently software publishers doesn’t write manuals anymore, instead I’m supposed to “put together” my own manual by reading some “knowledgeable articles” … SIGH

Trying to reproduce a bug in a program can be hopeless sometime. My personal record is 3 weeks full time trying to find a bug a large system that happened once on a nightly test. Didn’t find it :(

Hmmm, on iOS I always open some apps by tapping the icon, other I always search + tap. Wonder why? (They are the same “distance” away)

Hehe, just got an email targeted to professional women … I wonder if it’s the “Jan” in my name that caused this or if it’s just the usual spam mailing list.