This summer didn’t end up as I had hoped. Among several things I had hoped to get done was a lot of photography, but this didn’t happen. Instead I ended up doing a lot more house renovating stuff that I could have imagined. And now vacation is over. Anyway, yesterday I decided to try to take a few photos again and and the same time try to do an experiment.

I recently watched on online seminar which got me thinking about several things of how I photograph things, without going into details I have a huge problem in that I don’t take photos “intentionally”, instead I snap photos without thinking much if I can get a better photo by moving around finding another angle, wait for better light, etc.

So yesterday I tried to kick myself in the behind by putting on a wide angle zoom (14-28mm) before going out into the forest. This is something I never do.

I can’t say that the result was especially good but I got me thinking so I consider it a success. Here are the photos with some comments why I don’t think they are that good.

This is perhaps the photo that I find most interesting, it was the light that caught my attention but at the same time I go “meh” when I look at it. It’s interesting to me for how it looks like in the forest, but it doesn’t really work as a photo.

A “standard” photography, it could have worked much better if the groups of trees to the left hadn’t been there … but I couldn’t move to the right without getting serious wet. I like the clouds, the grass and the light but those trees “destroys” the photo. I would have liked to have the center of the photo more to the left so that a few of the trees to the right wasn’t in the frame.

Kind of interesting from a personal view but the photo is bad, the trees to the left shouldn’t be so prominent, and the fallen tree is completely wrong in the photo. My only excuse is that I couldn’t really move to some other place that would fix these things.

I find these red plants quite interesting and beautiful, but the top photo isn’t that interesting. I tried different angles, framings, etc but I couldn’t make a good photo. The top one is the one I think shows the plants best, I think this photo would get a few likes if I posted it to Instagram but it doesn’t really work for me.

The second shows how it looks where this plants grow, on top of a small hill, and I think it’s fun to see the environment. But the plants should be more prominent.

I’m quite fond of tree stumps with some kind of mushrooms growing on them. Sometime I see one where the mushrooms make the whole thing looks like some futuristic city from StarWars/StarTrek. This one is quite boring, it’s just a recording of how it looked like when I walked past it.

As I wrote above, the photos above are not very interesting but I started to think about things, which I consider a success.