Today we are celebrating mouse nr 50. Our cats has so far caught, and brought 50 mice into the house. (We are not counting the bodies found in the garden, or birds, lizards, etc)

I like this statue … except for the face of the dog … the face of the dog doesn’t look like any dog I’ve seen.

A walk down memory lane. This the building where I spent a large part of my military service. Now a museum, I will assume it’s because the time I spent there 😜

My ankles are quite popular with “small ones” (for the curious they were mosquitoes, “knort” or “knott”, and “brännmya”)

It’s very wrong, it shouldn’t be 26 degrees here … especially not after 18:00

Another sunny vacation day, just relaxing and enjoying life 😜

We are getting serious about the size of our saws (and no, the bandage has nothing to do with the saw)

I suppose I should photograph the cars … but I like taking photos of people