Lesson learned. About a year ago, I thought that my SmugMug subscription had become too expensive so I cancelled it. Spent a lot of time trying to find a solution that would be cheaper, more sustainable (regarding my long term economy), and make my life easier. Tried a few solutions, looked at even more - but the solution I come up was quite frail and required different parts/tools. End result was that I was uploading less photos, and it felt like too much work every time I needed to share something.

Recently, I learned a few things about what it going to happen the next 12 months and I realized that my current way of handling things wouldn’t work. It’s simply too fragmented and I spent too much time agonizing over how I should do things. And doing them also took too much time … time I rather spend on taking/editing photos and thinking about how I can improve.

So yes, I’m back at SmugMug and I already feel more relaxed. Expensive? Yep! Worth it: Well, I feel calmer and I’ve shared more photos the last few days than the last 9 months, so yep.