I haven’t written about The Photowalk podcast for a while … so it’s time to promote it again.

Are you interested in photography? Are you mostly interested in the photos, the stories behind the photos, the photographers? Then I really recommend that head over to The Photowalk web site and listen to a few episodes. I can’t promise that you will like the show, but I think the chances are high, very high.

The show content can be divided into two parts: The Interviews and The Letters. The letters are written by the listeners of the show, and can range from mundane observations of the world, to moving descriptions of life changing events. The other part are interviews with various interesting photographers, the interviews are expertly done by the show host Neale James. I can’t really explain how he does the interviews, but he always manage to bring out interesting stories from the interviewees.

Of all the available photo related podcats, this is the one I find most interesting. Highly recommended.