To be completely honest: I’m surprised that I’m not missing Twitter … at all. I’ve had a Twitter account since 2007, and during the years it had become my source for tech news. It was a habit to open Twitter in the morning, during the day and, in the evenings to read about what had happened. During the last few years I become more and more frustrated with Twitter - I don’t know why (I didn’t see the bad stuff in my feed) but it felt more and more like a place that I should avoid.

In 2018, I deleted my Facebook account (completely fed up with Facebook as a company, and as a social platform) and thought about deleting my Twitter account also … but I kept it since it was my news source, and I could see any alternative.

Then Musk came along, and started to “improve” Twitter. While I was a bit skeptical of Musk, I didn’t think that it would become as bad as some people said (I was wrong). So I stayed on Twitter, but I started to add blogs and news sites to my feed reader just a precaution. Which turned out to be a really good idea.

I made my last post to Twitter in October 2022, and was then satisfied with just reading my feed. Then Musk decided that no third party clients should be allowed. Since I never used the web site, or Twitters client, it was also the end of me using Twitter … almost. I still read the RSS feed for a couple of accounts that I checked.

Of course Musk killed that possibility also. Well, I can see when I’m not wanted so I stopped using Twitter completely, and a few weeks back I removed my account (still gone, just checked, I wouldn’t be surprised if Musk reviewed the account somehow).

Today, I was listening to a podcast, and they talked about Twitter. This made me realize that I hadn’t really used Twitter since February/March something, and I hadn’t missed it at all. In fact, I’ve probably missed FB more that I’ve missed Twitter - apart from the news, there was very little that tied me to Twitter. Compared to Facebook where family and friends are (my mother still can’t understand why I’m not on FB).

Today, I get my news mainly via RSS feeds, but also Mastodon and And I don’t miss Twitter at all. Perhaps I should thank Elon for making me leave Twitter 😋