Things are getting interesting. I stopped using Facebook several years ago because … well, Facebook. I also stopped using Twitter because “recent events”. I’ve only used Reddit via Apollo and since Apollo has shut down I don’t see myself using Reddit anymore. I don’t watch TV that have ads within the programs because I find it highly disrupting. I can’t stand podcasts that have the same type of ads, but I do listen on podcasts where the ads are relevant and presented in good way. Now, it looks like I might be reducing my YouTube watching a lot in the future, if they enforce this “max 3 videos if you don’t watch ads or pay premium”.

I’m not really complaining, I’m just noticing that things are changing and my behavior is going to change (more time to spend on other things). These companies absolutely have the option to do this, and I have the option to not join in.

And before you go “but the content creators, shouldn’t they earn some money?” Yes, they should and that is why I’m supporting some of them directly.