It’s now been 3.5 weeks since I got Covid and my health have had its ups and downs. When I first got Covid I got exhausted and didn’t have much concentration/energy, but after a week it felt OK to go back to work again (I should probably have stayed home for another couple of days). While I didn’t get really sick, my wife got it much worse, I’m struggling to get back to “normal” again.

I quickly get tired, and I feel like I’m losing my breath much faster than before Covid. At first, it was just a feeling, but then my Apple Watch helpfully pinged and told me to look in the Health app. I, of course, opened it and was told there was a trend change in the number of breaths per minute, turns out that I take approximately 15% more breaths now than before Covid.

To make things worse, this Tuesday I felt exhausted after work … in fact, I felt exactly like 3 weeks earlier when I first got Covid. My first thought was, “You can’t have Covid a second time in three weeks, right??”

It wasn’t Covid, so I assume it’s a common cold … but it has hit me harder than any cold in a very long time. To be honest, I feel quite exhausted and basically just want to sleep … no, not really because that means that I would be coughing all the time. Today I got another ping from my Apple Watch with a new suggestion to look in the Health app. And surely enough there had been a change in my pulse, a 15% increase.

Fortunately, things are a bit better today, so hopefully I’ll get rid of this cold soon and just have the remains of Covid to deal with. But no ju-jutsu sessions, no long walks, or anything exhausting in the near future.

Tip: avoid Covid if you can.