My favorite table - 2021-08-01, day 32

This is probably my favorite table ever, and I’ve been the owner of it for at least 30 years. Long story short: at university I had a friend who got the table from his brother, but my friend didn’t have an apartment big enough for it (2m by 0.8m, like a bed) and traded it for a smaller table that I owned. It’s a very sturdy table and you could in fact sleep on it (no, I haven’t tried).

The table is probably 40-50 years old and have been used by at least two families … with kids, you might understand why it wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t really bad, but you could clearly see that nothing had been done to it in a very long time (I haven’t done anything to while I owned it). Anyway, I’ve spent the last few days “renovating” it ,and now it almost looks new. I need to put on a few layers of oil and then I hope it lasts for at least another 30 years.