I thought you would enjoy a good laugh. I try to take at least one walk each day, the last few week I’ve got up 4-5 and taken a nice walk before work. This is purely for exercise but I still have my camera with me. I usually carry my Lumix G9 (m43 system) with a 12-60 mm zoom (24-120 in full frame speak), sometimes a 35-100 (70-200) zoom, or once in a while a 75-300 (150-600) - I only have one lens with me, remember this is exercise.

I usually take some photos of interesting trees, some landscape, etc. I rarely see any animals, perhaps a rabbit, a few birds, but that’s about it. Sometimes I scare a capercaillie (name translated by Google) or a moose but I usually don’t see them. I don’t mind since these walks are really good both for my body and for my mind, I don’t really need the photos.

Anyway, having seen the same trees almost daily for 1.5 year made me want to try something new. So, today I attached my 7-14 (14-28) lens to the camera, first time since the pandemic started, with the intention to see see if I could get a new perspective of something.

Well, I started to walk and 45m into my walk I saw a raven, that happens, then I see four more sitting on two stones just 40-50 m in front of me. I’ve NEVER seen so many ravens so close up, I lift my camera and … remembered what lens I had. So let me show you my very nice picture of 4 ravens sitting on two stones very close to me, with a 5th circling above me. 🤣

I would have had wonderful portraits of these ravens if I had brought my 35-100 !!