I couldn’t resist playing with this image from one of the cemeteries in Aberdeen.

It’s ironic, yesterday I took a walk without a camera in my hand … for the first time in 3-4 weeks. What happens? An air balloon shows up, for the first time ever, and before I was able get home and get my camera it disappeared behind the mountain behind our house.

Last day in Scotland, tonight it’s time to go home.

I’ve been to Scotland twice, the last time was in 2007, and I really like the country (yep, I view it as a separate country). My only regret is that I haven’t seen more of the non-city parts.

My impressions of Aberdeen? Two things that will stick are granite and grey 😋. More seriously, nice town with some nice houses, my favorite spots have been Seaton Park and the beach.

And I just realized that I’m still working with the same people now as then. In fact I’m pretty sure that I met one of them at that conference in 2007.

Since both @jack and @burk have been talking about their Peak Design bags, I thought I would share my experiences. I bought my 10l Sling 1-2 years ago and I use it as my mirrorless bag. It also works as my work bag when I travel. This has been my setup for the last 10 days (work, conference and vaccination). I have two cameras, four lenses, iPad 11”, batteries, memory cards, small tripod, chargers + cables (which isn’t in the picture since they are charging stuff at the moment). As you can see there is space left.

I also have a large Everyday Messenger that I bought for my DSLR stuff … which have never actually been in that bag. Instead it became my office bag which I use Everyday 🙄 to carry stuff back and forth to work.

None of them are perfect but they work very well for me.

Where do I put my DSLR??? Well, my usual setup is a D4s, large pro-body, with a two large lenses, 24-70 & 70-200 both 2.8, and a large flash with batteries etc and to be able handle that I bought a second hand backpack which fit two pro bodies, flash, these two lenses + other lenses if needed. I forgot the brand … but I know that it’s heavy when fully loaded 🤪

Too much cliche?? I mean old trees, green grass, old buildings (hardly visible), rain and a bag piper in the same photo

My guess is that these three buildings were not built at the same time 😜

Archie - I met this little fellow yesterday when walking home from the conference reception. His owners spend a lot of time yelling his name but he didn’t seem to care that much 😋

The dominant color here is gray … a lot of gray … in fact, very much gray