My phones battery life is pretty bad right now, yesterday I had to charge it three times since it was between 10-20% each time and today it got from 100% to 70 in four hours without me touching it. And yes, it’s four years old and I’ve used it a lot so I’m not really surprised

For half of a second I was really excited. I read a headline about “Apple Card” and read it has “HyperCard” 😔

I know that the sign says “summer” but it doesn’t really look/feel like that

Hmmm, I suddenly realized that it’s more funny being a part of running/organizing a conference that just being a participant.

It’s a little bit embarrassing but I haven’t gone through my photos from #helsinki last year 😔 but soon I’ll be done. Then it’s time for 3000 photos from an event in November 🙄 #helsingfors #finland #suomi #lumix #lumicnordic #lumixgx80

Sigh, I just learned that my hosting/email/domain provider has been acquired by the company I left because of their awful handling of a few big email interruptions. I do hope they are better now

The good thing with cold weather is that I’ve come one big step closer to being able to travel iPad only (or being really desperate iPhone only). The big step? Setting up a computer so I can do command line stuff from my iPad.

Today the temperatures is 1/3 (in Celsius, not Kelvin!!) of that on Saturday. Personally I feel that 2/3 had been more appropriate.