One thing I would like to do is to go to a conference, not to present a paper or anything like that. Instead I want photograph/document the whole conference. It would be really fun & interesting.

Yes, what’s is a bit scary - to me - is that companies, government and even individuals can affect so many people so easy.

That Adobe cancels accounts in Venezuela got me thinking about what happens when Trump decides that Sweden is one of the “bad” countries and issue a similar order about Sweden.

I’m not very fond of Adobes subscription model and don’t feel comfortable to have my photos locked into their software (I know I can get the files but I’m also thinking about edits and organization). This once again makes me interested in alternatives to Lightroom … but I would hate spending time I don’t have transferring the photos to a new system. Done that once (Aperture => Lightroom) and that was no fun.

Hmm, my previous phone could drop the charge from 100% to 83% when I walked from the bedroom to the kitchen (about 6m!!). My new phone has improved the situation a bit. After 40h it’s at 49% despite a lot more use.

Here we go again. It has been a couple of years since the last time but here we are.

Surgery on my left eye within the next three months. This will be the third time they use a “knife”, add to that 4-6 “laser surgeries” (I don’t actually know how many) DC1EA472-958F-4074-BEA6-F2CD6C3A5CED.jpg

Yes, these images are overdone, I was playing with some iPhone apps and wanted to see what happened. But I would say that they are not as overdone as you first might think, when I look at the original images they are kind of dull and does not in any way show how I experienced yesterdays walk. These images reflects my experience much more. But yes, overdone and a bit too much HDR.

I am wondering what have become of me … I’ve discovered that I actually enjoy writing and illustrating tutorials

I do get tired of all the “self-promotion” and “patting-myself-on-the-back” retweets on Twitter

Suck, kan inte påstå att jag blir imponerad av titeln på de böcker jag just fick - “Programmera på riktigt”. Två böcker för högstadiet och som ser ut att handla om JavaScript … troligtvis de sämsta titlar jag har sett i mitt liv.

A bit of a contrast from the previous photo, this is how I spent my time last week