OK, so now I have the date and time for my eye surgery, I think I can look forward to a few weeks with a lot of audiobooks, podcasts and music.

På samma sätt som det finns förbud mot åldersdiskriminering, könsdiskriminering, etc. Borde det inte finnas ett förbud mot att ha skor bara i små storlekar … det är inte OK (jo, såg just ett par skor som såg trevliga ut men de fanns bara upp till storlek 41)

It’s really interesting to observe 5-6 year old kids, how they behave, grow, change behavior, socialize, etc. After having been an instructor for 10 years or so I’m starting feel that I’m mature enough to be a parent (my youngest is 21 😋)

Back home after a week of travel. This 1.5 year have made me understand people who buy multiple toilet bags, notebooks, etc and keep them in separate bags so that all that is needed is to pick the right bag to be ready go. Well, one more trip and then I expect this to be over.

Time for the 2nd trip this week. This is highly unusual, the last year or so I’ve done more traveling than in many years. The normal have been 1 trip/year. This year I’ve been traveling a lot more but I expect this to be the 2nd to last before going back to the once/year pattern.

Back in Arvidsjaur. Tomorrow’s trip back home will not be fun, there was a lot of … ehh, “snörök” today (that dry snow that is sucked into the air when a vehicle passes, google couldn’t give me translation). Tomorrow it’s going to be pitch black and each time I meet a truck I’m going to be in a white cloud with near zero visibility for 3-5 seconds or so. Not my favorite thing.

The health app on my Apple Watch must live in a completely different time zone than I. Yesterday at 22:30 it told me “yesterday you had an excellent day, what are going to do today” … ehh, sleep?? And this morning at 4:30 “you better check your circles, you’re far behind” … 🤷🏻‍♂️

So what did I do this weekend? Well, I had fun … and took pictures of people having fun (martial arts)

It may be silly and stupid but I’m proud anyway. 1000 days straight (but I’m slightly disappointed that Apple removed that medal)

Scientific publishers like Elsevier and Springer are royal pains in the ass, the sooner they go away, the better. Also, why are library systems so hard to use?