I don’t think I’ve presented our long term house guest: Bonny. She will be around for the next 6 months. It’s good to have a cat in the house again

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It might be gray and dull during the day (basically 10-14) but during the sunset it has been VERY colorful the last few days

Yep, today is one of those gray days when you really want to curl up in to sofa and do nothing. Please let it become cold soon … with some fresh, fluffy snow

Yeah, I remember having issues like that when I was using Dropbox. Today I only Dropbox like a file delivery tool (accessing it via 3-party tools) but it’s becoming increasingly bad for that also. Some people are really confused by the GUI and find it difficult to figure out how to download a file.

You see that yellow thing in the distance? It’s the sun and in 5 months it will be up in the sky for almost 22 of 24 hours

My eye, post-surgery … now I just have to wait for 1-5 days to see 🙄 what the result will be

Sigh, the disk that contains all my photos has crashed … sometimes I’m grateful that I’m paranoid about backup 😅

So, what did I do this weekend. Well, I mostly sat in a mini-buss going to Uppsala and back again. Between those two events I spent my time looking at various graduations in Ju-Jutsu. Here are some from the 4th Dan graduation (fourth level black belt)

Today is one of the days when I consider finally fixing my home office and then become a remote worker (not that I can work remotely in my job).

I had my first “play time” with Photo Mechanic and … it’s really fast, I mean really really really fast compared to Lightroom. I still need to take a more detailed look at tagging but as far as culling, PM is way better that LR.

Today’s observation: I don’t know which is more difficult but I’m pretty sure that finding a water leak in a major water line is more physically demanding than finding software bugs

Today’s minor inconvenience: I cut my hair and turn on the shower to realize that there is no water (my whole village and two others have no water at the moment). Those small hair pieces are having a lot of fun on my skin right now 🙂