Sitting down to read/grade a dissertation … grateful that I don’t do this often.

I find it interesting that people with little or no experience from teaching claims that now people have tried out Zoom and it works (kind of), education can go online at once.

I wish it was that simple, trust me, there is more to teaching online than having Zoom.

To be honest, I like this “work from home”-thing. I get more done in a shorter time, I save time not having to commute to work, I go for longer, nicer walks, I take more photos, meetings are more efficient, etc.

I’m also pleased that the university at once said that the rest of the term will online, no need for planning for different alternatives.

Not really what I want to see when I look at the calendar to see if something is going on today

I can highly recommend “Home before dark” on Apple+, I really liked it.

My new photo model, not my puppy but I’m pretty sure that will see many photos of this little guy in the future

Ibland får man scam-meddelanden som är roligare än andra

Vi har undersökt att 4% av 5 finansiella företag på internet är bedrägerier

Okeeeeey …