Life as a cat owner: the kittens has been sleeping in my lap for 1.5h, can’t move until they wake up

Public Service Announcement : I’m sorry (not really) but these moved in yesterday afternoon … you can expect an increasing number of cat photos from me in the future.

2020 06 30 08 23 19 0001

We are mostly staying in our village at the moment, but yesterday it was time to get some shopping done. Anyway, I ended up taking a quick walk in the city and …

2020 06 28 15 12 16 0003

At least it looks like they are enjoying themselves

2020 06 28 15 12 10 0002

I know that this is common in other parts of the world … but today is one of the very few days each year when it’s cooler inside (no AC) than outside

IMG 8254

1234 days straight … it has to be worth something, I’ll probably get an ice cream later today to celebrate, or I should perhaps wait two weeks before the next big celebration: 1248 days.

This all started a few years back when my wife had 30+ days straight and I wanted to see if I could beat her. And it seem like I succeeded (my wife is currently at 555 days).

And yes, I know it silly with this kind of gamification but … it have forced me to exercise more which is all that matters.

Downloaded what looked like an interesting app, launched it and … non-standard UI, first suspicion was “Elektron-app” and yes. Instadelete.

Sigh, another program that translates “civil engineer” to Swedish as “civilingenjörer” (correct translation would be something closer to “byggnadsingenjör”, “civilingenjör” is closer to “master of science”)

My first online conference … impressions? Well, some things are better but the snacks between sessions is definitely worse (probably a good thing, I don’t need to put on any extra kilos!!)

one thing I’m really starting to dislike with online meetings is that I’ve seen more of peoples nose hair than I like. Laptop webcams is destroying our perception of people 🤣

My wish for WWDC? Smart albums in Photos on iOS/iPadOS - that’s all

2020 06 13 17 55 55 0001

Another photo from the neighborhood - I don’t want to have a horse but I’m very happy that someone else in the village have a few … I’m unsure about how many but I think there are at least 7 of these ponies.

I was the “outdoor instructor” for some young kids. Ju-jutsu COVID edition 😋

2010 03 15 17 47 23 0001

Another old memory, this time from when I was travelling home from Seattle. We were going to take a connecting flight home but for some reason we landed at the same time the other plane was rolling out on the runway - yep, I saw it. So we were offered a room for the night and then a seat on the plane home the next evening. So, next day we took the bus to downtown New York for a quick look around … and of course I needed to go to Empire State Building.

Unfortunately, it’s not a very good photo … I wish it looked like this, this or this but I didn’t have the skill (or the time).

Anyway, I got a free visit to New York so I shouldn’t complain. This was also my second to last visit to the US.